ANA-GH: Muscle Gainer That Promotes HGH, Testosterone & Nitrix Oxide

ANA-GH claims to be a replacement to the anabolic steroid, Anadrol.

It is suggested that this steroid-alternative provides all the muscle building benefits of Anadrol without causing any side effects.

However, many people are unsure of ANA-GH because of all the online scams with bodybuilding products out there.


So, I researched this muscle growth pill and found out if ANA-GH is worth your cash. I’ve included all the key details, including my final verdict for this ANA-GH review.

What Is ANA-GH?

ANA-GH is a bodybuilding pill that is designed to improve muscle growth, size, and strength for men.

It makes use of a set of all-natural ingredients (like L-Arginine HCl) to promote the production of testosterone, HGH, and nitric oxide. This promotes the production of protein and muscle while limiting fat gain.

Along with the boost in athletic performance, improved erection health and reduced risk of Erectile dysfunction is also possible when using ingredients like Horny goat weed.

The ingredients also improve joint health and joint lubrication due to the water retaining benefits of a few ingredients. In addition, also provides fat burn to ensure that the weight gain you experience is focused on lean muscle mass.

Who Makes ANA-GH?

Purity Select Inc. makes all products.

This company provides US-made supplements to users around the world. It’s well reputed and has been in business for several years now, selling millions of bottles every year.

To contact the manufacturer of ANA-GH:

ANA-GH Benefits:

  • ANA-GH improves hormone production
  • Enhances nitric oxide levels
  • Supercharges muscle growth
  • Increases fat burn
  • Provides potent strength gains
  • Elevates energy levels
  • Promotes joint health
  • Provides rapid muscle recovery

Ana-GH Benefits

ANA-GH Ingredients:

  • L-Leucine (1500 mg):

This ingredient is specifically picked for ANA-GH because of its ability to preserve lean muscle while promoting energy levels and muscle gain (1). It helps protect muscle glycogen, which is used to activate muscular contractions during intense exercises.

L-Leucine also boosts nitrogen retention, enhancing blood and nutrient flow to the muscles. In addition, this ingredient may improve HGH production, fat burn, and muscle strength (2).

  • L-Valine (750 mg):

This ingredient is a BCAA that can be found in the muscle tissue. It is essential for the growth and repair of muscle tissue (3). You need to take supplements or foods with L-Valine to gain this amino acid.

Its primary goal is to promote muscle metabolism so that you can get bigger and stronger muscles. It also helps improve energy levels and slows down glucose burn (4). This results in enhanced fat burn while supporting muscle growth.

  • L-Isoleucine (750 mg):

This ingredient is a high-quality BCAA that is responsible for improving your workout endurance. It is capable of supporting endurance and stamina while promoting muscle repair and recovery.

However, this amino acid works best when used alongside Valine and Leucine. The biggest benefit of L-Isoleucine is the ability to provide muscles with sufficient amount of energy to improve workout performance.

  • Acetyl L-Carnitine (400 mg):

This ingredient is used to help you gain muscle mass without causing you to bloat and gain fat weight. It is broken down in the blood to the compound, carnitine. It works to reduce muscle fatigue and promote muscle recovery (6).

The body uses this component to transport fatty acids into the mitochondria to be broken down. This results in the metabolism of fat and produces energy. It’s also known to promote cognitive function, mood, memory, and mental alertness (7).

  • L-Arginine HCL (400 mg):

This ingredient is an amino acid that is one of the most popular ingredients in dietary supplements for bodybuilding. It works in a simple manner, it promotes vasodilation. This allows the blood vessels to dilate and improves blood flow at the same time (8).

Along with the blood flow, nutrient delivery is also enhanced, while muscle growth and recovery are enhanced.  It also supports HGH levels and is an excellent benefit for anyone looking to gain muscle size and strength (9).

  • L-Alanine (200 mg):

This ingredient is an amino acid that can help promote the production of protein. These protein blocks can be effective at building new muscle tissue and repairing damaged muscles. It also works to improved blood flow and nitrogen retention in the body.

This results in an improvement in physical performance and strength gain (10). Along with these benefits, L-Alanine also helps extract energy from blood sugar, supporting intense energy usage during workouts.

  • L-Cysteine (20 mg):

This ingredient is an amino acid that is used in supplements to improved blood flow to the muscles (11). Like with the other ingredients, L-Cysteine works to enhance the performance of the muscles.

Additionally, this amino acid also acts as a potent antioxidant that preserves the health of the lean muscles (12). Along with this, L-Cysteine also prevents the catabolism of the muscles, preventing muscle loss. Plus, it’s also said to improve Keratine levels for better hair.

  • Maca (Lepidium Meyenii)*:

This ingredient is extracted from an herb and used to support prostate health. In fact, for men, it also improves male fertility and semen quality (13, 14, 15).

That said, for its bodybuilding benefits, it works to improve testosterone production while supporting enhanced athletic performance. In fact, maca works to improve strength and support muscle growth.

  • Horny Goat Weed*:

This ingredient is a well-known aphrodisiac that works to promote testosterone and nitric oxide levels. It is used by several supplements to promote physical performance and enhance sexual health. Horny goat weed also combats erectile dysfunction and other sexual health problems (16, 17).

In this product, it works to improve endurance and stamina while enhancing energy levels. The improved T-levels supports muscle growth and fat burn while improved nitric oxide levels support improved stamina and endurance.

  • Peppermint (Mentha Piperita)*:

This ingredient is well-known for its anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antioxidant, and analgesic attributes. However, few know that Peppermint oil is also effective at promoting bodybuilding and reducing fatigue (18).

It is shown to work by improving physical performance attributes like endurance and stamina. Peppermint also helps promote weight loss (19). It also enhances recovery while supporting healthy blood pressure, respiratory function, and heart rate.

* The proprietary blend contains several ingredients that amount to 450 mg in a single serving of ANA-GH.

Ana-GH Ingredients

ANA-GH Dosage:

If you are afraid of taking pills, this product clearly isn’t for you.

This is because you need to take EIGHT ANA-GH pills a day to get the recommended dosage for this muscle growth product.

The official website is also rather loose with the requirements for the dosage with this pill. So, whether you take all 8 pills in the morning or split them up between morning and evening is up to you.

ANA-GH Reviews:

Because ANA-GH is only authorized to be sold on the brand’s website, most reviews are also only available there.

The average rating of the tens of reviews I found was 4.54-stars at the time of writing this article.

Most of the testimonials are about how fast the pill works with the number of pills required being the only drawback.

Is ANA-GH The Right HGH Booster For You?

ANA-GH is the perfect fit for you if you are looking for intense muscle growth and strength gain within a short timeframe.

However, due to the ingredients used, women and children under the age of 18 should consult a doctor before using this product.

But do remember that this isn’t a miracle pill. So, you will need to put in the hard work for the exercise and training to get the best out of this muscle growth pill.

Is ANA-GH Available As Part Of A Stack?

You can get ANA-GH as part of three different stacks:

  • Lean Muscle Gainer: Somatropinne, Winadrol, and Ana GH
  • Weight Builder 4: DBoL-GH, Roid Juice, Ana-GH, and HGF-MAX
  • Weight Builder 3: DBoL-GH, Roid Juice, and Ana-GH

ANA-GH Side Effects:

The supplements by are all well-known for causing no side effects.

ANA-GH no side effectsThis statement is supported by thousands of users who haven’t complained about side effects on the official sites.

That said, it’s still not a good idea to overdose on this product. But, I really don’t know who would want to take more than eight pills at a time.

Where To Buy ANA-GH?

The best place to buy ANA-GH is on the official website for the brand. There may be a few other sites that sell this product, but I recommend you stick to the brand’s own site.

Why? Because buying from the official site gets you the best deals and comes with their 90-day money back guarantee.

ANA-GH Cost:

  • $59.99 for 1 bottle
  • $119.99 for 3 bottles (1 FREE)
  • $219.99 for 6 bottles (2 FREE)
  • $399.99 for 12 bottles (4 FREE)

You can only get these deals from the official site. Additionally, all orders over $250 come with FREE SHIPPING.

Plus, if you want an additional 20% discount, just pop the coupon code ‘GET20’ in during checkout.

Buy 1 Bottle
USD 59.99 Per Bottle
Fast Delivery
90-day money back guarantee
Buy 2 Get 1 Free
USD 39.99 Per Bottle
Fast Delivery
90-day money back guarantee
Buy 4 Get 2 Free
USD 36.67 Per Bottle
Fast Delivery
90-day money back guarantee
Buy 8 Get 4 Free
USD 33.33 Per Bottle
Fast Delivery
90-day money back guarantee
Free Shipping

Full-Refund Eligibility:

Every order made on the official site comes with a 90-day money back guarantee. This guarantee lets you use the product without worrying about your investment.

So, if you feel that ANA-GH isn’t working for you, just contact the manufacturer as ask for a full refund, no questions asked.

ANA-GH Pros & Cons


  • Quality muscle gainer
  • Fast-acting supplement
  • No side effects
  • Well-known manufacturer
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Affordable online deals
  • 90-day money back guarantee


  • Dosage is eight pills a day
  • The single-bottle deal is expensive
  • Exclusively sold on the official site

Final Verdict On ANA-GH:

Judging by the online reviews and my own research, ANA-GH is a solid muscle gainer for anyone interested.

In fact, I would call this pill a worthwhile investment, especially for men starting off with their bulking cycles.

Of course, there are no side effects with the pills, and you don’t need to cycle the product either.

But, if you are looking for a bulking aid, get a few bottles of ANA-GH. I recommend the 3-bottle set as you need to use the product for at least two months to see visible results.

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However, do ensure that you only buy ANA-GH from the official site as this gives you access to exclusive deals, discounts, and the 90-day money-back guarantee.


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