Crazy Bulk PCT: All-Natural Post Cycle Therapy Supplement

Crazy Bulk PCT is a Post Cycle Therapy supplement that claims to improve recovery.

It’s said to give you the benefit of reducing your ‘off’ period in between your cycles.

Crazy Bulk PCT

But how is this product of any use with Crazy Bulk? And is it worth buying? All these questions and more will be answered in this PCT review.

Why Do We Need Post Cycle Therapy?

If you are serious at gaining muscle quickly while burning fat, you have to give your 120% at the gym.

But working out with this intensity can cause your body to be damaged and in need of repair. And while your ‘rest day’ helps, it’s not always enough (1).

The damage I’m talking about here isn’t workout injuries. The damage your muscle experience is when your muscle fibers experience micro-tears. And when these tears are healed, you end up with bigger and stronger muscles (2).

If you have every experienced muscle soreness even after a full rest day, you know what I’m talking about.

This is the reason PCT’s are so popular with professional bodybuilders and athletes. They have also become mainstream with serious amateurs also using Crazy Bulk PCT.

This product is easier to use and causes fewer problems compared to others.

What Is Crazy Bulk PCT?

Crazy Bulk PCT is a supplement that can help protect your gains when you are on your ‘off’ cycle.

This Post Cycle Therapy product promotes fatigue recovery and stabilizes hormone levels.

Wolfson Berg Ltd. makes the product under the Crazy Bulk Legal Steroids banner. It’s made from 100% natural ingredients like Grape Seed Extract and Nettle Root.

This PCT pill uses these clinically proven ingredients to detoxify and cleanse your body while supporting hormone levels.

Assessing the ins and outs, the ingredients provide the same recovery and fatigue benefits as other PCT products.

But the advantage of this product is that it’s made with all-natural ingredients instead of artificially produced chemicals.

How Does PCT Work?

This product uses a propriety blend of all-natural ingredients to work.

It helps combat hormone imbalance, gynecomastia, high cortisol levels, muscle mass loss, and fat gain. It also stimulates testosterone production while protecting the body from free radical damage.

PCT helps to protect your bodybuilding gains in between phases or cycles. It has worked for many users, including professional bodybuilders.

So, if you are reducing your workout sessions or intensity for a particular reason, PCT should help you out.

Crazy Bulk PCT Ingredients:

  • Saw Palmetto Berry:
    This ingredient boosts blood flow and recovery while promoting muscle retention. It’s also proven to boost testosterone levels and improve prostate health in men (3).
  • Oat Straw Extract:
    This ingredient is proven to promote testosterone levels and fatigue recovery while improving mood and cognitive performance (4).
  • Tribulus Terrestris:
    This ingredient is clinically proven to boost testosterone production along with preventing muscle mass and strength deterioration (5).
  • Grape Seed Extract:
    This ingredient acts as an antioxidant while reducing muscle inflammations, improving blood flow, and boosting cardiovascular function (6).
  • Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed) Extract:
    This ingredient is proven to improve testosterone while boosting blood flow and recovery (7).
  • Milk Thistle Seed:
    This ingredient is antioxidant-rich and protects the body from oxidative stresses while supporting blood health and liver function (8).
  • Nettle Root Extract:
    This ingredient prevents water retention, muscle deterioration, and fatigue while promoting natural testosterone synthesis (9).

Crazy Bulk PCT Ingredients

The Pros Of Using Crazy Bulk PCT:

  • Crazy Bulk PCT is designed with all-natural ingredients
  • Supports healthy testosterone and estrogen levels
  • Combats weight gain
  • Improves muscle growth
  • Prevents muscle mass deterioration
  • Improves energy levels and stamina
  • Claims to work in just 2 weeks
  • Not a scam
  • Combats Gynecomastia

The Cons Of Using Crazy Bulk PCT:

  • Expensive price tag
  • Exclusive to the official site
  • Don’t mix with anabolic steroids

PCT Side Effects:

According to the official site, this product eases the transition between cycles.

It’s meant to prevent side effects, not cause them.

So, if you use , you shouldn’t expect to see any side effects. Users have also not submitted any reports of side effects with this product.

Who Should Use PCT?

Both men and women can safely use Crazy Bulk PCT. This is because while there are testosterone-boosting ingredients in the supplement, they don’t cause a hormone imbalance. In fact, this product combats hormone imbalance.

Who Should Avoid PCT?

This product is not for those who are under 18. And you should consult your doctor if you have any injuries or health problems. Also, you should ask yourself if you really need this product. If your rest day is enough for you to recovery, you don’t need PCT.

PCT Dosage:

Each bottle of PCT comes with 60 capsules. This should last you 30 days with a dosage of 2 pills per day.

This is the recommended dosage by the manufacturers. You can also find the same information on the bottle label as well.

As for when to take the pills, one pill with your breakfast and one with lunch.

And the right time to start taking PCT is when you finish a cycle. This product will help you recover quickly while you rest. It will also protect your body from losing the gains you’ve made during the previous cycle.

It also primes your body for the next cycle so that you quickly make gains.

That said, you should not mix this product with anabolic steroids. If you are taking anabolic steroids, you should talk to your doctor to safely come off them.

Who Makes Crazy Bulk PCT?

Wolfson Berg Ltd. owns Crazy Bulk legal steroids, along with PCY. They are a top-tier supplement manufacturer with their headquarters in Cyprus.

You can contact the manufacturer of PCT via:
  • Email:
  • Phone: +1 (646) 893 7753
  • Address (HQ): WOLFSON BERG LIMITED, Archiep. Makariou III, 124, JOC BUSINESS CENTER, Kiti, 7550, Larnaca, Cyprus
  • Address (US): WOLFSON BERG LIMITED, 244 Madison Avenue, 10016-2817 New York City, United States

Can You Return PCT For A Refund?

You can return any unopened bottles in the first 14 days to get a refund. To activate this refund offer, you first need to call or email the customer service for further instructions.

According to one user, returning it is easy and it only takes a few weeks to get the refund.

How Much Does PCT Cost?

Currently, you can only buy PCT from the manufacturer’s site.

There are two deals to buy Crazy Bulk PCT from the manufacturer’s site:

  1. Order one bottle for $49.95
  2. Order the Buy 3, Get 1 Free deal for $99.90 ($33.30 per bottle)

Buy Crazy Bulk PCT

Is Crazy Bulk PCT Worth Buying?

PCT is one of those products that works but isn’t for everybody. Most people don’t really need it and won’t see any significant benefit for it.

However, you are serious about bodybuilding and want to maximize your gym time and minimize your downtime, try PCT.

If you use PCT, it will help speed up recovery after cutting or bulking. It will also support healthy hormone levels while preventing muscle mass loss and weight gain.

And best of all is that unlike other PCTs, Crazy Bulk’s PCT provides safe results using all-natural ingredients.

So, if you are searching for a quality Post Cycle Therapy supplement, go for Crazy Bulk PCT.

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