Gynectrol: Helps You Get Rid Of Your Man-Boobs Within Weeks

Gynectrol is currently one of the most popular solutions to Gynecomastia (man-boobs) available in the market.

I wasn’t sure as to why people would want to buy this product.

However, some research told me one out of three men have gyno.

In fact, I am reviewing Gynectrol because I was told by a reader that this chest fat burner actually works.


Along with the other key details, I’ve also provided my opinion on if Gynectrol by Crazy Bulk is worth buying.

Who Is Gynectrol For?

Did you know that most men get man-boobs, at least at one point in their lives? And while their condition may not be as bad as Gynecomastia in bodybuilders, it’s definitely not sexy.

So, if you look in the mirror with your shirt off and see some melons, you need this pill.

You will also need a man-boob pill if you have been working out and have stopped midway. Those hard-as-steel pecs turn into soft boobies with time.

So, if you have even a little man-boob going on, this (or similar products) may be for you.

This product is also for those who want a natural, safe, affordable, and non-invasive way to eliminate Gynecomastia.

Who Is Gynectrol Not For?

This product is not for women because it suppresses estrogen levels while promoting testosterone synthesis.

It’s also the same reason for it not being recommended for children and teenagers.

Most cases of Gynecomastia during teenage years can be improved with a change in diet and exercise routine (1). Contact the child’s doctor for a tailor-made solution.


Gynectrol is a fat-burner that’s specially designed for men with Gynecomastia.

It’s sold under the Crazy Bulk brand and is made with a set of all-natural ingredients.

This product helps stabilize testosterone and estrogen levels to optimal levels. The benefit of this is that it prevents hormone imbalance while preventing man-boobs from forming.

It’s also one of the few effective options for eliminating Gynecomastia. This is because breast reduction surgery is expensive, risky, and comes with many limitations (2, 3, 4).

Gynectrol Benefits

How Does Gynectrol Work?

Gynecomastia causes an imbalance in testosterone and estrogen levels. And the majority of men who have severe cases of Gynecomastia have abused steroids.

It’s also why legal steroids are taking off over the past few years.

It works by using a blend of 100% natural ingredients to improve your testosterone-estrogen ratio.

Gynectrol also contains fat-burning ingredients that promote enhanced metabolism and improved fat loss.

The unique feature of this product is that it works by concentrating on the chest area, speeding up your results.

Gynectrol Ingredients:

  • Chromax® (Chromium Picolinate) 240 mg:
    This scientifically designed form of chromium has shown to improve the body’s natural metabolism. It helps you burn fat faster while preventing muscle mass deterioration. Athletes and bodybuilders use it to stay lean and prevent gaining carb weight (5). It’s also why it’s effective at burning chest fat.
  • Potassium (from Potassium Chloride and Potassium Citrate) 33 mg
    This ingredient is an essential mineral that’s found in foods and is beneficial for your overall health (6). It’s used in supplements because it aids in the regular function of your muscles, kidneys, heart, nerves, and digestive system.
  • Gugulipid® (Commiphora mukul) (Gum exudates) (2.5% Z+E Guggulsterones) 100 mg
    This ingredient contains sclareolides, a proven thermogenic component. It helps you burn stored fat in the chest and also stimulates testosterone production (7). It helps combat man-boobs because it regulates your testosterone-estrogen levels and prevents hormone imbalance.
  • Cocoa (Theobroma cacao) (Seed) 100 mg
    Theobromine cacao is a natural source of Arginine. This ingredient is popular in bodybuilding supplements because it promotes higher energy levels and faster muscle growth. It has also shown to boost nitric oxide levels to improve cardiovascular health and overall performance levels (8).
  • Evodiamine (Tetradium ruticarpum) 50 mg:
    This ingredient is selected for its thermogenic attributes (9). It activates your metabolism while increasing the body’s internal temperature. It’s derived from a plant extract and can reduce fat intake. Additionally, it can also boost serotonin levels in the brain, improving mood and focus.
  • Green Coffee Extract (Coffea arabica) (Bean), Green Tea Extract (Camellia sinensis)(Leaf)
    Green coffee and Green tea are chosen for their benefits in promoting lipolysis (10). They are rich in antioxidants, which protect the muscle cells from damage caused by free radicals. Coffee beans also contain Chlorogenic acid that is proven to accelerate weight loss and promote vasodilation (11).

Gynectrol Ingredients

Who Makes Gynectrol?

Wolfson Berg Limited is the manufacturer of all Crazy Bulk products, including . These guys are well reputed in the supplement industry and have decades of experience.

The contact details for the customer support:
  • Email:
  • Phone: +1 (646) 893 7753
  • US Address: WOLFSON BERG LIMITED, 244 Madison Avenue, 10016-2817 New York City, United States
  • Cyprus Address: WOLFSON BERG LIMITED, Archiep. Makariou III, 124, JOC BUSINESS CENTER, Kiti, 7550, Larnaca, Cyprus

How Much Does Gynectrol Cost?

The best price to buy Gynectrol online:

  • $61.99 for a single bottle order
  • $41.33 per bottle with the Buy 2, Get 1 Free deal

Also note that when buying from the official site, all orders come with FREE worldwide shipping.

Buy Gynectrol

The Pros Of Buying Gynectrol:

  • Gynectrol is one of the best anti-moob products on the market
  • Comes with all-natural ingredients
  • Requires no doctor’s prescription
  • Easy-to-take and noninvasive option
  • No known side effects
  • Affordable compared to surgery
  • Helped thousands of men combat Gynecomastia
  • Works within weeks of use

The Cons Of Buying Gynectrol:

  • Expensive price tag
  • Needs regular workouts to work effectively
  • Requires a strict diet plan for faster results

Is Gynectrol Worth Buying Online?

Even the lowest price from the official site is $41.33 per bottle. This is not what most people would consider cheap.

However, when you compare spending a hundred dollars on these pills over $2000+ on getting surgery, it’s more appealing.

You also don’t have to go through the pain and recovery from the surgery.

Of course, there are other man-boob eliminators available online but Gynectrol by Crazy Bulk is one of the best.

It’s also the reason we would suggest you buy Gynectrol over other similar products.

With Gynectrol, while you pay a premium, you also get the associated results.

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