Hair Growth Inhibitor: Permanent Hair Removal Or Just Another Hair Care Trend

Hair Growth Inhibitors have been around for a while now and are great at getting rid of unwanted hair growth permanently.

That said, hair growth inhibitors aren’t as well-known or popular as hair removal products.  However, that doesn’t mean that hair inhibitors don’t work as effectively as hair removal products.

Hair Growth Inhibitor

This article is written to clear the air around hair growth inhibitors and give you a detailed understanding of this type of hair care product.

In my conclusion, I’ve also provided my recommendation on whether it’s worth buying Hair Growth Inhibitors or sticking to traditional hair removal products.

What Is A Hair Growth Inhibitor?

A Hair Growth Inhibitor can be a cream or spray that is applied topically to help reduce and prevent hair growth permanently.

The biggest difference between hair inhibitors and hair removers is that hair removal products don’t permanently prevent hair growth.

Most of these hair inhibitors affect the hair follicles and inhibit hair production. Some hair inhibitors are designed for facial hair (and other sensitive areas) while others are for body hair.

Hair inhibitors for men are also available which are formulated for their generally thicker body/facial hair. That said, nine out of ten products for inhibiting hair growth are created for women.

Hair Growth Inhibitor - Work For Men Too

Some inhibitors are effective for a few months while others work to prevent hair growth permanently.

This is the difference in quality and long-term results you should consider when buying a hair growth inhibitor.

How Do Hair Growth Inhibitors Work?

Hair growth inhibitors are inherently different from traditional hair removal methods. That said, you still need to remove the hair from the root before using hair inhibitors effectively.

In fact, if you don’t remove the hair, the inhibitor won’t work. So, before you use the hair inhibitor, remove the hair from the roots by tweezing, threading, hot waxing, or your preferred hair removal method.

The most common type of hair inhibitors works by blocking the hair follicles to prevent hair regrowth.

These creams, serums, and liquids are specially formulated to block the hair follicles while preventing damage to the skin and hair follicles. Specialized hair inhibitors for facial hair and sensitive regions can be found which include soothing agents that prevent inflammation and redness.

Once the hair follicles are blocked, you shouldn’t expect to see any hair regrowth for at least a few months. For some users, the hair regrowth is permanently suppressed.

This means that while these hair care products do work, you may need to apply it once every few weeks to suppress the remaining active hair follicles.

If used correctly, people have managed to stop their hair growth permanently. That said, the hair growth stopping effects experienced will differ from person to person.

So, the reduction in hair regrowth you notice may not be the same as someone else using the same product.

Hair Growth Inhibitor - Results Vary From Person To Person

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hair Growth Inhibitors:


  • Effectiveness varies from person to person
  • Most effective on lighter or thinner hair
  • Works for women with hair in unwanted places due to genetics or health disorders (like PCOS)
  • Products are well-researched and are virtually risk-free
  • All-natural and organic products also available online
  • One of the most affordable permanent hair elimination methods out there


  • Less effective on dark or thicker hair
  • Some products contain harsh chemicals
  • Those with skin conditions should talk to their dermatologist first
  • May not be for everyone
  • Not popular with men and women
  • Few FDA-approved available
  • Most hair inhibitors are from small companies

Comparing Hair Growth Inhibitor To Other Hair Removal Methods:

Laser Hair Removal:

Laser hair removal is a great way to remove hair permanently. However, other than the many sessions it takes, the procedure is also very expensive.

In comparison, hair inhibitors are more affordable and can be used at home without any extra help.


Waxing is one of the most popular hair removing methods that provides instant results and smooth skin. However, this doesn’t curb the hair regrowth. Waxing can also be very painful, especially on sensitive areas like the bikini.

In comparison, hair inhibitors aren’t painful and provide the same smooth skin.


Epilating your hair can provide a smooth feel without being overly messy. This simple machine can be used to pluck the hairs from the root for a smooth finish. Unfortunately, this method of hair removal is painful and not suitable for sensitive regions of skin.

In comparison, hair inhibitors don’t cause the same pain while not being needed as frequently.


Shaving is what most women do when they want to get rid of body hair regularly. This can be done while in the shower and is also inexpensive. The downside of shaving is that you have to do it very frequently and the results aren’t as silky smooth as you would like.

In comparison, you don’t need to use hair inhibitors frequently to see their results.


Tweezing is alright if you only have a few stray hairs that you need to get rid of. However, this can be quite painful and a big chore if you have a lot of unwanted hair to deal with.

In comparison, hair inhibitors are relatively pain-free.

Depilatory Creams:

Hair removal creams use harsh chemicals to burn and dissolve the hair shaft within minutes of use. But this can cause harm to your skin and may also result in skin burns if used incorrectly.

In comparison, hair inhibitors are far safer and don’t cause skin burns.

Hair Growth Inhibitor - Compared To Other Hair Removal Methods

Precautions To Take Before Using Hair Growth Inhibitor:

  • Test it on a small area to check for allergies or other adverse reactions
  • Not for children
  • Talk to your doctor first if you are using hair growth booster
  • May cause a burning sensation for those with sensitive skin
  • Only buy more after you see positive results after the first treatment

My Thoughts On Hair Growth Inhibitor:

We are all looking for a more comfortable, cheaper, effective, and more permanent way to get rid of body hair.

It’s also why I ended up finding out and researching .

In the end, I found out that there is a reason for hair inhibitors not being as popular as hair removal products.

Hair Growth Inhibitor - Stick To Hair Removal Products Instead

These hair growth inhibitors work, but not as well as the manufacturers claim. They also don’t work for everyone.

These factors have prevented many users from using Hair Growth Inhibitors as their go-to treatment for excess hair.

So, my conclusion is that buying a Hair Growth Inhibitor is risky and best avoided.

Instead, I believe that you are better off sticking to your regular hair removal products.

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