Sildera Rx: An Advanced Formula For Male Enhancement

Yesterday, I came across Sildera Rx, a male enhancement product through my friend who wanted me to review on it.

He thought this male enhancement product claims faster results while he didn’t notice anything.

Sildera Rx

So, helping him (my friend) and my readers, I will be looking at all the aspects of the product. The information I garnered, is what you will be reading in this article. Keeping it short, the article has all the information that will help you to avoid this product.

Before you read the entire article, it is my duty to mention the articles on are unbiased product reviews.

We do not support scam products but recommend an alternative product that can be worth using and safe.

What Is Sildera Rx Male Enhancement?

Sildera Rx is a male enhancement pill that claims to help men with sexual health and performance improvement. Also, it claims to use the principles of vasodilation to help men with desirable results.

The product looks no unique but works the same as any other male boosters, increasing testosterone and nitric oxide levels. But, Sildera Rx promises the use of effective and clinically-proven ingredients that can help sexual performance improvement.

However, I found some bizarre points that I would like to share:

The official website fails to mention Fenugreek Extract, Maca Root and Ginkgo Biloba in the list of ingredients.

BUT, these ingredients are printed on the bottle of Sildera Rx Pills. Seems like a miscommunication between the product manager and website designer there!

Secondly, and most importantly, the official website used ‘RopaxinRX’ in one of their sections instead of Sildera Rx.

Looking at such pointers, I feel they must be selling any other product before Sildera RX. This indicates the manufacturers sell fly-by-night products.

Who Are The Manufacturers Of Sildera Rx Pills?

The official website mentions Sildera Rx is sold by:

AMG FL Investments LLC

433 Plaza Real,

Boca Raton, FL,

33432, United States

However, the customer support on the official website has some different information.

Product Return Address (Mention RMA# On Package):

Sildera Returns,

O Box 40767,

Larnaca 6307, Cyprus

Phone For Enquiries And Obtaining RMA#: 0-330-808-7537


To be honest, I didn’t find the exact manufacturers of Sildera Rx Male Enhancement Pills. As for AMG FL Investments LLC, it doesn’t guarantee its longevity.

Sildera Rx Ingredients:

  • Fenugreek: It helps to enhance sexual performance by boosting testosterone levels.
  • Maca Root: It is clinically proven to improve semen quality, testosterone levels and male fertility.
  • Ginkgo Biloba: It can help promote testosterone production naturally.
  • Saw Palmetto Berry: It can help men combat sexual dysfunction and improve prostate health.
  • Muira Puma: This natural ingredient can help provide harder erections and fights erectile dysfunction.
  • Horny Goat Weed: It is a potent aphrodisiac that can boost nitric oxide and improves libido.
  • L-Arginine: It is proven to stimulate blood flow and nitric oxide to the penile chambers, resulting in erection health improvement.
  • Ginseng: It can help fight against premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

Sildera Rx Ingredients
The official website mentions using clinically proven ingredients. Also, the official website uses the 330mg of each ingredient in their Sildera Rx Pills.

Important Fact: The 330mg of each natural ingredient in this product is not enough and useful to show effective results.

Benefits Of Sildera Rx Advanced Male Enhancement Formula:

  • Increases Penis Size
  • Enhances Libido And Passion
  • Motivates Long-lasting Erections
  • Boosts Sexual Performance
  • Increases Sexual Stamina And Energy
  • Combats Sexual Dysfunctions
My Opinion: With the blend of just 330 mg of each ingredient, it might be difficult to see such claimed benefits. As well as there are no Real Sildera Rx Reviews that mentions such results.

Sildera Rx Side-Effects:

The official website mentions nothing related to side-effects or after-effects from Sildera Rx.
Sadly, there are no Sildera Rx Reviews that could help us know whether this male enhancement product has any side-effects.

A Piece Of Advise: Kindly take your doctor’s advice before using this product to prevent any possible complications.

Are Sildera Rx Scam Rumors True?

The official website of Sildera Rx avails this product in a risk-free trial offer.

To use them (Which I don’t recommend), you need to pay minimal S/H charges. So, by paying just £5.95, you can use the trial version of this product.

However, if you read the extra details correctly, you’d find several additional charges which you won’t be aware of.

Also, according to the official website, you need to use this product and need to return within 14 days.

If you fail to return the risk-free trial product, you will be charged with the full amount of £69.99.

As well as, you will be receiving a new bottle of Sildera Rx every month and charged accordingly.

So, according to me, Sildera Rx is a Scam product and every reader should avoid using it.

Do u think Sildera RX is a scam?

My Verdict On Sildera Rx:

Highly not recommending Sildera Rx Male enhancement to friend or any of my readers.
Not Recommended

I announce this product a scam due to their unethical ways of cheating men. The hidden charges, improper usage of ingredients and no proper confirmation on side-effects make me call Sildera Rx fraud.

My Recommendation

Instead of going for a product that guarantees safety and results, you can have a look at the top-rated male enhancement pills.

These Pills have helped numerous men with desirable sexual health improvement and performance enhancement.

Also, it has help men to combat sexual issues safely.

Top Alternatives To Sildera Rx:

#1. Cilexin

#2. Extenze

#3. VigRx Plus

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  1. Thanks for this opportunity to express my findings with this SCAM operation. An, yes be sure to read all the print if you are going to fall for the FREE offer. If you don’t return it they will send you a supply about 2 months later. I thought this looks interesting reading about it somewhere on the net. The next day after I submitted my order I got a funny phone call, I could hear people talking in the background but as soon as I think they felt they had a good number they hung up. This occurred back about the first of June. Since that time there have been four deductions from my checking account in the amount of $88.99. Not from this company but another company. In trying to follow up on this company I found that their return address on their packaging isn’t any good, the USPS couldn’t find their address on their computers at all . Funny thing that a skin care company exists right next door or perhaps in the same building . They have been found to be fraudulent on several occasions also and they, the skin care outfit is also rated by the better business bureau at an F company,

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience withSildera RX.
      i agree this is a scam company. I will review my Bank account and claim refund by cancelling UN-authorized charges..

  2. the free trial is anything but free they will take hundreds and it doesnt even work SCAM SCAM SCAM

  3. There are several male enhancement products out there. However, very few of these products warrant a £69.99 price tag. In fact, the products that cost this much have a big name attached. In the case of Sildera Rx, this price is definitely not worth it. In reality, I think that anyone who bought the trial from these guys is just flushing money down the drain. I knew this was a scam as I was scammed with a similar trial offer a while back. So, I’m glad this website is calling out these fake products and providing sound alternatives. In the case of Male Extra, I have heard of their good reputation and decent results. So, if I was in the market for a sex pill, that is the product I would go for.

  4. get male extra instead of sildera rx, it works better and isn’t a scam like this pill here. male extra is also available around the world while sr is only available in the uk.

  5. If you are thinking of buying this shit in a box, I suggest you not associate yourself with this pill. This is how f***d up the guys who sell Sildera Rx are.
    In three months of buying Sildera Rx, I’ve only received one bottle but have been charged over three hundred pounds. I’ve already stopped the payments and am now trying to get my money back. But my bank says that that’s going to be very difficult since they took out money legally, even if it was unethical.

  6. This is a rip-off and you should not buy it. I don’t know about Male Extra and Viasil but anything is better than Sildera rx.

  7. I fell for this Sildera Rx scam last month and got their trial deal. What I found, aside from the high fees, is that the ingredients aren’t even the same as those on the site. This means that the info on the site may not be for this product at all. And there’s more, I tried to get the RMA number from the makers for the refund and return process. However, they were not willing to give me the number which ended up my order pass the trial period, costing me big. Now, I’m approaching this legally and plan to sue Sildera Rx and its makers for this scam.

  8. There are penis extenders and supplements like Viasil that are worth your cash. However, Sildera Rx is not worth a single pound. In fact, you should ask these guys to pay you to use Sildera Rx. It’s that bad.

    In just three weeks of using Sildera Rx, I experienced constipation and acne. And worst still, I didn’t see any (and I mean any) benefits they claimed on their website.

    Now, I’m a hundred pounds light and regretting my fate that crossed paths with Sildera Rx.

  9. sildera rx is a s#it product that everyone should avoid. i fell for this crap three weeks ago and i got it on an impulse. however, i should’ve done some research as i would have found out about this crap if i had read this article at that time. now, i have to cancel my credit card or ask my bank to stop payments.

  10. Did you known that Sildera Rx was only sold in the UK. In fact, I checked online and people haven’t even heard of this pill anywhere else. I thought this was a quality pill when I saw the ad that claimed to have sold over a million bottles to date. But finding out that people don’t even know it exists makes me doubt this product and all the promised claims made by the advert. And it’s also fortunate that I saw this article as I was thinking about giving it a try anyway, after all it was only a few pounds.

  11. I found out that only 330 mg of each ingredient in Sildera Rx are used. I don’t know how they came up with that number. This is because I know that each ingredient has a different function and is required in its own unique concentration. So, if each ingredient is used with the same concentration, this indicates that no planning was done while making this pill. And this means that this supplement probably isn’t going to work. These guys were right in this review; there are better options out there. And while I haven’t tried Male Extra but the review shows it to be alright.

  12. The internet is filled with a lot of dodgie products. But the male enhancement section has an awful lot more of them. This is because no one wants to tell others that they got scammed while buying d!ck pills online.

    This is why I am commenting on this site. These people are some of the rare few who are providing these accurate reviews that don’t just look for their commotion at the cost of their readers.

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