SizeGenetics Review: Device That Increases Penis Size Safely

SizeGenetics is a penis extender that claims to give you a 29% increase in penis length within weeks of use.

This is one of the most comprehensive penile enhancers in the market with the device being a certified medical device.


Additionally, there is also the claim of providing a double money-back guarantee that’s convinced many to get SizeGenetics.

In this review, I’ll evaluate SizeGenetics and its different packages to find out if they are worth their price. I’ve also provided my recommendation for each package.

I believe that by the end of this article, you should have enough info to decide for yourself if SizeGenetics is the right male enhancement product for you.

Why Do Men Buy SizeGenetics?

Men buy SizeGenetics because SIZE MATTERS!! (1)

This is truer when you are unable to satisfy your partner with waves of pleasure every night.

In fact, most women have high expectations from their partners because male pornstars often have 9-inch dicks that seem to provide hours of nonstop sex.

The reality is that the global average penis length is 5.5” which is a far shot from the 9” pornstar package.

So, with the pressure to perform on the male genitals, men prefer to give penis extenders (like ) a try.

This is much better than playing the cards that you are dealt with or going for painful and risky procedures like penile extending surgery.

SizeGenetics is also an easy and painless way to increase penis size without the rest of the world knowing about it. This product is also affordable and comes with a variety of packages to suit every man’s requirement and budget.

What Is SizeGenetics?

SizeGenetics is a penis extending device that attaches to your penis and uses traction to lengthen it.

This is a medically certified device made using high-quality materials and designed to cause the least amount of pain.

SizeGenetics is very safe, and when used correctly (it’s easy to use), it can help you gain inches over a few weeks.

It comes with a 58-way ultimate comfort system which applies up to 2.8 kgs of tension for maximum results. The 3M padding and bands also work to improve your comfort while providing durable and long-lasting products.

The Curvature and Peyronie’s Edition is a new addition to the lineup for SizeGenetics. This package is designed to work effectively for men with curved penises.

When Should You Consider Penile Surgery Over SizeGenetics?

SizeGenetics is the best choice for most people. However, some people have significant problems that require more extreme measures.

A sound reason to have penile surgery is if you have a micropenis or a severe case of bent penis syndrome.

This is also called Peyronie’s disease where the penis is bent at an angle. The angle is so steep that it can prevent the man from having sex properly.

If you have these problems, then I suggest you talk to your doctor about penile surgery.

However, if your Peyronie’s Disease isn’t severe, you can use SizeGenetics Curvature and Peyronie’s Edition.

How Does It Work?

The concept behind the design and use of this penis extender is the same as how you gain muscle volume with your workouts.

SizeGenetics Results

When you work out, you strain your muscles which cause micro-tears in the muscle tissue. These microtears are repaired (using protein) to be bigger and stronger than before. This results in bigger muscle mass when you work out.

In the case of SizeGenetics, the device stretches the length of the penis using the tension from the extenders.

When the penis is stretched, micro tears occur in the penis’s Corpora Cavernous chambers. Additionally, the cell regeneration helps thicker, longer and stronger penile tissue to repair the micro tears.

In the end, this increases in penis size.

However, note that the penile extension can take weeks and months of regular use to show long-term results.
On average, users of SizeGenetics results show a boost in penis size of:
  • 13% in 8 weeks
  • 19% in 16 weeks
  • 24% in 20 weeks
  • 29% in 24 weeks

That said, you should remember that individual results will vary from person to person.

What Do You Get With Each SizeGenetics Package?

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Who Are The Makers Of SizeGenetics?

Danamedic ApS are the manufacturers of SizeGenetics.

However, it was invented by Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, a certified member of the American Society of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and a founding member of the International Association of Male Sexual Surgery.

The manufacturing company is based in Denmark and is well-reputed in the field of male enhancement to provide quality products at affordable prices.

To contact the manufacturer of SizeGenetics:

SizeGenetics Reviews:

I found a few user reviews on the official website for this brand. However, no user testimonials were available online or on other social media platforms.

This isn’t surprising considering the nature of the products. After all, no one wants to let the rest of the world know that you used a penis extender, regardless of whether it worked or not.

SizeGenetics Side Effects:

According to everything on the official site, there are no side effects.

No pills have to be taken or injections to be injected. So, there is no chance of side effects.

However, there may be a risk of injury if you don’t use SizeGenetics according to the instructions provided.

It’s also important to remember that you have to be patient and slowly increase the tension over a few days for it to work effectively.

Doing this too quickly can lead to pain or injury.

If care is observed when using SizeGenetics, you shouldn’t expect to have any issues.

Where Is SizeGenetics For Sale?

The brand’s official site is the only place that sells SizeGenetics and also provides worldwide delivery.

On this site, you can choose one of four packages that can be purchased in USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, and AUD.

SizeGenetics Price:

  1. SizeGenetics Value Edition costs $199.95. You save $75
  2. SizeGenetics Comfort Package costs $249.95. You save $150
  3. SizeGenetics Ultimate System costs $299.95. You save $200 (BESTSELLER)
  4. SizeGenetics Curvature and Peyronie’s Edition costs $299.95. You save $200

All orders are provided discreet and secure shipping for your privacy.

SizeGenetics Value Edition
You Save $75
Discreet And Secure Shipping
Worldwide Delivery
SizeGenetics Comfort Package
You Save $150
Discreet And Secure Shipping
Worldwide Delivery
SizeGenetics Ultimate System
You Save $200
Discreet And Secure Shipping
Worldwide Delivery
SizeGenetics Curvature and Peyronie’s Edition
You Save $200
Discreet And Secure Shipping
Worldwide Delivery

My Recommendation On Which SizeGenetics Package Should You Get:

SizeGenetics Value Edition:

The Value Edition is for guys who want a longer penis but don’t want to shell out too much cash on the more advanced packages.

SizeGenetics Value Edition

If you aren’t sure if this product is for you, this package is designed for you.

With just the basics to get you on your way, you should be able to see gains in a matter of weeks with SizeGenetics Value Edition.

SizeGenetics Comfort Package:

The Comfort Package a good go-in-between package for those who don’t want to get the Value Edition but don’t want to extend themselves in getting the Ultimate Package.

This package also comes with a luxury leather case with a lock for your privacy. Additionally, it also comes with one 3M Advanced Comfort Plaster that improves comfort while giving you the desired increase in penis size.

SizeGenetics Comfort Package

If you are serious about getting a bigger penis but want to proceed cautiously, this package is for you.

With the Comfort Package, you should be able to increase penis length without any discomfort seamlessly.

SizeGenetics Ultimate System:

The Ultimate System is the package you should get if you want the best money can buy. This comes with everything you would need to extend your penis safely.

It also includes Traction Plus Powder and Revita Cream Aftercare Moisturiser for improved comfort for loner extending sessions with the least amount of pain.

SizeGenetics Ultimate System

If you want the best penis extending results from SizeGenetics, this package is especially for you.

With the Ultimate System, expect a longer penis within weeks of use.

SizeGenetics Curvature and Peyronie’s Edition:

The Curvature and Peyronie’s Edition is the package that focuses on those who have Peyronie’s disease or want to straighten out their penis.

It also contains a Velcro strap to help straighten your penis while the device helps maintain the rigidity and direction of the penis.

SizeGenetics Curvature And Peyronies Edition

If you want to straighten your penis, this package is for you.

With the Curvature and Peyronie’s Edition, you won’t have to consider surgery to eliminate this problem.


Q. Is SizeGenetics really a certified medical device?

A. Yes. SizeGenetics is a certified medical device under the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC in Europe.

Q. How big do I need to be to use SizeGenetics?

A. The device can fit penises with the stretched flaccid size is between 4 and 22 centimeters.

Q. Do I need to have a doctor present to use SizeGenetics?

A. No. you can use this product from the privacy of your home without any issues.

Q. Where can I buy spare parts for the Value Package I purchased?

A. All the spare parts can be purchased (separately or as packs) from the official website.

Q. Can I use it at work?

A. You should be able to fit the device in loose boxer shorts and loose-fitting pants. However, it should be avoided if you have a physically-intensive job.

Q. Can I use it while I sleep?

A. You can try but tossing and turning in your sleep may cause more harm than good.

Q. How frequently do I have to use it to see results?

A. The amount of time you use it will determine how fast you see results. Just keep an eye on your comfort levels and avoid overstraining yourself. Results should be noticeable in 1-6 weeks.

Q. Can I have sex while using SizeGenetics for treatment?

A. Yes. Being under treatment using SizeGenetics shouldn’t cause any problems with your sexual performance.

Q. Can I buy this from any brick-and-mortar stores?

A. No. Unfortunately, the only way to buy SizeGenetics is to do so from the official website.

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