The Ultimate Guide To Getting Shredded

Finding a guide to getting shredded online is easy. In fact, there are thousands of guides that promise to get you ripped within weeks.

But most simply provide you with a long list of exercises and workouts.

This is fine if you are only looking for a list of workouts.

But if you want the finer points that can increase your chances of getting shredded, this article is written for you.

Guide To getting Shredded

In this article, I’ll list down the fundamental steps you will need to take if you want to get shredded. I didn’t invent these, but every successful bodybuilder I know swears by these steps.

To keep it short, you need to execute these steps with 120% of your energy if you want to get that shredded physique. And believe me when I tell you that there is no short cut for hard work, so just get that out of your mind before you continue reading.

1. Start With Why

If you’re pumped up and motivated to get ripped, that’s great. But just this isn’t going to get you to come to the gym for more than a few weeks.

However, if you know why you want to get ripped, you are more likely to stay the course and get the results you want. I got this concept when I read Start With Why by Simon Sinek after repeatedly failing my diet years ago.

Do you know why so few of us can get the lean and ripped physique everyone wants? It’s not because it’s super hard or that we spend hours on hours at the gym without eating anything tasty.

Why are you looking at getting shredded

The fact is that if you know why you want to get shredded, you’re going to forget the excuses and do what needs to be done to achieve your goals. It’s just that simple.

2. Visualize Your End Result And Make Appropriate Goals

Before even taking a step into the gym, you need to fully understand your goals and how you are going to achieve them.

Bodybuilders aren’t made overnight. You aren’t just going to go to sleep dreaming of becoming Arnold Swatznager and wake up the next morning with a chiseled physique.

First, find out what your end goal is.

How you can see yourself by the end of the planned routine/guide to getting shredded?

Whether you want to get ripped in 30 days, 3 months, 6 months or a year? How much time you will be able to set aside for your workouts without causing other (positive) parts of your life to suffer?

After you figure out the ideal future of how you are going to look in a set amount of time, plan your goals, both minor and major.

Getting Shredded - Visualize Your Goals Before You Start

If you don’t keep yourself accountable with your goals, you are going to wear off track and end up failing. It’s a cold fact, but a fact nonetheless.

3. Get A Systematic Nutrition Plan For The Best Results

The phrase ‘You are what you eat’ is one of the most accurate phrases that apply to bodybuilding.

Diet and nutrition play a big part in the fat shredding process. After all, a single cheeseburger can end up ruining the weeks of hard work you put into getting six-pack abs.

Also, forget about those quick-fix diets that are popular online. Getting shredded is not a short-term commitment but a lifestyle.

So, instead of the many diet plans sold online, get yourself a sound nutrition plan. For this, I suggest you talk to a nutritionist or your personal trainer. You should also consider shredding supplements like Clenbutrol as these have proven to aid men and women to get lean and ripped.

Systematic Nutrition Plan

FACT: Don’t expect to get shredded if you fail to follow a healthy, nutritious, and balanced meal plan.

BTW, this is regardless of how much exercise you do.

4. Get A Professionally Setup Guide To Getting Shredded

There is a reason people spend years at university to get a degree as Personal Trainers. If you could get the best information that works with 100% accuracy for yourself on YouTube, we wouldn’t have personal trainers, right?

Therefore, commit to investing in a personal trainer and a well-defined fitness goal. And with the timeframe you set, the trainer can set up a workout routine that gives you the greatest chance of achieving your goals.

For most people, this will include an assortment of cardio workouts like jogging, sprinting, and cycling.

HIIT exercises and workouts are also very effective at promoting intense fat burn. Resistance training also helps promote fat burn and muscle gain.

Getting Shredded - Invest In A Personal Trainer

The psychological aspect of getting shredded is very important.

However, physical effort is essential to get the desired results.

Simply put, if you don’t get off your arse and hit the gym, you aren’t going to get shredded anytime soon.

5. Stay On Point, Focused, And Motivated On Your Why

I stated earlier that that motivation is only a short-term solution. That said, I believe that it is possible to remotivate yourself every once in a while to maintain focus and drive.

If you keep reminding yourself of the reason you are at the gym at 4:30 AM or why you can’t go out to have a few beers with your friends, you will maintain your drive and focus. And this focus on your goal is what will help prevent you from going off track.

You can also try watching some workout motivations videos on YouTube. This helps the mind refocus on the goals.

I have personally read The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey several times. This book has never failed to show me my priorities and the choices I need to make to reach my goals. And I don’t doubt that this book will help you too.

Stay Motivated

As long as you as remember the reason for your actions, you won’t run out of motivation or the thirst to succeed. And if you ‘why’ is a worthwhile cause, there isn’t an obstacle that will stop you from getting what you want.

Conclusion To This Guide To Getting Shredded:

It should be clear that this is not like all the other online fat-shredding guides. This is because I believe the mentioned steps are more valuable than any particular workout or exercise routine.

And if you follow these fundamental steps, you are sure to achieve that shredded physique you want. This fact is for certain. How fast you reach this goal is, however, up to you and your efforts.

Getting Shredded Is Possible By Taking It One Step At A Time

This guide to getting shredded doesn’t contain any new, sexy or breakthrough ideas.

However, the ideas mentioned are tried, tested, and proven to help you get shredded.


Mikael is a Nutritionist & a Health, fitness blogger.  He is a physical fitness fanatic who loves to push the boundary and achieve peak performance. He loves adventure sports like mountain biking and kayaking while always being up for a round of basketball with friends. Mikael also enjoys his research into how to maximize the body’s potential and has now taken up bodybuilding as well. Follow Mikael on LinkedIn.

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