Zephrofel: Male Enhancement Pills (Australia & New Zealand Offer)

Zephrofel claims to be ‘The Number One Male Enhancement Pill In Australia’ on the product’s official website.

This, in my book, either means that it’s totally awesome or totally a scam.

And frankly, since I hadn’t even heard of this product until a reader suggested me, I suggest you don’t get your hopes up.


In this article, I’m going to find out exactly where Zephrofel stands while providing you with its claimed benefits, ingredients, side effects, and pricing.

I’ve also provided my recommendation, which I strongly suggest you read before you buy this product.

What Is Zephrofel?

Zephrofel is a male enhancement supplement that claims to use 100% natural ingredients to improve sexual performance.

It also promises to combat sexual health issues like erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation (PE).

Along with these claims, you get many promises of getting a bigger penis, harder erections, and almost infinite sexual stamina. All of which, you can get online for just a few bucks.

I really wonder how people fall for these promises without looking for the hidden downsides.

Who Are The Manufacturers Of Zephrofel?

A company called ‘Zephrofel Male Enhancement’ makes Zephrofel. This Singapore-based company is probably an LLC, if it even exists, as I didn’t find any info about it on ACRA registered companies listings of Singapore.

On the official site, the contact info for the manufacturer of Zephrofel is provided:

  • Address: Zephrofel Male Enhancement, PO Box 0538, Toa Payoh Central Post Office, Singapore 913119
  • E-mail:support@customeremail.net
  • Adelaide: +61-863777431
  • Brisbane: +61-731777286
  • Canberra: +61-261450172
  • Darwin: +61-879054706
  • Perth: +61-863777428
  • Sydney: +61-290520868
  • Auckland: +64-9-8011070
  • Wellington: +64-48303479

The company address is a PO Box, which is a big red flag.

The fake email is an additional red flag. And as for the phone numbers, not all of them work (I checked), an additional red flag.

Just by doing some preliminary research, I was able to find several red flags.

So, you can see the recurring trend this article is going to have. That’s why, if you want, you can always skip to my recommendation.

How Does Zephrofel Claim To Work?

This sexual health booster works with two principles to do its job. They have been around for a while and have been proven many times.

The principles I’m talking about are:

  • Increasing testosterone levels:

    The natural ingredients improve testosterone production in the body. This counters the decline in testosterone due to aging. The heightened testosterone levels also improve libido, sexual health, stamina, and energy levels. In short, improved testosterone levels improve the overall experience of sex.
  • Increasing nitric oxide levels:

    The natural ingredients also include some that the body processes into creating nitric oxide. The increase in nitric oxide levels activates vasodilation, which in turn, widens the blood vessels and improves blood flow. This boost in blood circulation to the penile region helps engorge the penis with blood, improving erection quality. And in the long run, the engorging of the penis can increase in penis size (but this is rare).
The principles used by Zephrofel are sound. However, they claim that this product is the only product that uses these principles to improve sexual performance.

This statement is incorrect as I can name several male enhancement supplements that do exactly this.

What Are Zephrofel Ingredients?

  • Maca supports semen quality, prostate health, and male fertility.
  • Horny Goat Weed is a natural aphrodisiac that boosts nitric oxide and sexual health.
  • Monkey’s Head (Hericium Erinaceus) is proven to improve nitric oxide levels while enhancing mood and libido.
  • Long Jack (Eurycoma Longifolia) improves testosterone production, sex drive, and sexual pleasure.
  • Korean Ginseng is proven to combat erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.
  • Tribulus Terrestris improves nitric oxide production and boosts sexual performance.

Zephrofel Ingredients

The ingredient lineup is impressive. However, how much of each ingredient is used, we don’t know. We are also not provided the full list of ingredients either. This is important as while the ingredients are proven to work to provide the mentioned benefits, they have to be taken in the right dosage to work.

If the pill doesn’t contain enough of a particular ingredient, you won’t see any benefit from the ingredient.
How Many Zephrofel Pills Do You Get Per Bottle?

There is no information on the dosage for taking Zephrofel on the official site.

Based on the 60-pill bottle and the 30-day supply claim, the recommended dosage seems to be two pills a day. At least, this is what the dosage normally is for similar products.

What Are The List Of Benefits For Zephrofel Male Enhancement?

  • Improved erection hardness
  • Improved sexual energy levels
  • Combats sexual health problems
  • Improves sexual performance
  • Increases orgasm intensity
  • Boosts staying power
  • Provides Longer-lasting sex
  • Boosts penis size
Most sexual boosters for men promote the same set of advantages.

So, if you want a unique male enhancement supplement that’s apart from the rest, you have come to the wrong place.

Are There Any Hidden Zephrofel Side Effects?

The official site claims Zephrofel provides side-effect free results.

I didn’t find any user reviews talking about any side effects of this product. However, I also didn’t find any genuine users who have stated they have enjoyed the benefits of using Zephrofel.

Are There Any Real Zephrofel Reviews?

You can find a few user reviews on the official website. And of course, all of them are positive and speak of how fast these pills helped cure their ED and so on.

However, I find it difficult to believe the user reviews provided by the manufacturer. But when I checked on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), I didn’t find a single review on Zephrofel.

From what I can tell, this product isn’t as popular as it claims to be. I even suspect that only a few people have even tried it.

What’s Zephrofel Price In Australia And New Zealand?

The price is where Zephrofel goes from being in the gray area to becoming completely dodgy.

The only way you can get Zephrofel is to order the risk-free trial offer from the official website. I didn’t find it sold anywhere else.

The trial offer claims to be easily affordable with its $7.90 (shipping) initial charge. However, the more significant costs are hidden in their T&C.

After signing up for the trial, you are given 14 days (an insufficient amount of time) to try the product out. When the trial period ends (if you don’t cancel the trial), you are charged $145.46 for the bottle you bought. This cost is a big markup as most similar products don’t cost over $70.

Additionally, you are charged $153.36 ($145.46+$7.90) every 30 days as part of their auto-shipment program. This program is difficult to cancel as it requires an RMA number that has to be provided by the customer service people (who are said to be very uncooperative).

In the end, many have labeled Zephrofel as a scam because of the excessive charges ($153.36/month) that the company levies on its customers.

Not Recommended

What’s My Recommendation For Zephrofel Alternative?

As I stated earlier, I don’t know how some people end up falling for such a product.

From start to finish, all I’ve been getting with my research into Zephrofel are red flags. These include the unclear info on the ingredients, unknown makers, zero real user reviews, and shady/hidden charges.

After considering these factors, I suggest you don’t get close to Zephrofel with a ten-foot pole.

However, if you need a sexual performance booster for men, Cilexin may be worth a look.

Top 3 Alternatives To Zephrofel:

#1. Cilexin

#2. Extenze

#3. VigRx Plus


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  1. This a pure scam. If was working the whole male community could have spoken world wide. My recommendation is that these unknowns must be send to jail. Period.

  2. Scam already in sg.police radar,first free bottle only stated shipment charge is sing. $9.41 .No mention of auto refill unless unsubscribe.that and whole of Google search came out it’s a scam just like Fandi Ahmad prison sentence.

  3. Don’t try Zephrofel, it is scam! I received a bottle 2 days ago and they charges me 2 bottles with nearly $300 today.
    The products come with recycled bottle and the label is without bar code and company details.

  4. I’m a first time user to bye this product for the first time will it affect my health to be frankly onist i do not take eney meds at all is this product 100/% safe for all men my age.

    1. Not sure about affecting your health, but it will affect your credit card bills for sure.

      1. Was conned into purchasing zephrofel – scam alert
        I called my bank to immediately terminate my card to prevent auto shipment program

        Note ingredients varies in contents and descriptions

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