Editorial Process

Finding information on health can be easy. There are tons of websites providing information out there.

The problem is. Who to trust?

A classic example would be: Can you eat Banana if you have a bad throat?

The Internet is divided when it comes to such queries and you would get different views from people.

The best way to act upon is to check if there is solid evidence to back the statement.

On Mixel.cc we review various products. We do a lot of research before writing the reviews.

Our review criteria mainly include:


Does the product use good enough ingredients that are proven to provide positive results?

  • Is a particular ingredient backed by solid proof and studies?
  • Is the total value of the ingredient good enough to provide positive results?
  • Is a particular really needed in a product?
  • Is a particular ingredient harmful or has side effects?
  • Is a particular ingredient safe for everyone to use?

Depending on the product, there are more ingredient criteria that we evaluate before recommending a product.


In this age, online reviews can be faked. We have a team of experts who look for various websites to determine if a product has positive or negative reviews.

One of the most important and lengthy processes that we practice is to talk to people directly. Sometimes people who have used a product contact us directly and at times we get in touch with such people.

Getting a first-hand experience is very important as well. We ourselves, try a few products to determine whether a product is beneficial or not.

We take feedback from users seriously and immediately re-evaluate a product after getting user feedback. This is also one of the most important practices in our whole review process.


When it comes to health products and supplements, there are many fly-by-night companies out thereThese makers have no history whatsoever and disappear after selling junk for a few months.

Aggressive advertisements using popular websites and social media allow such companies to promote their products.

Sadly, many people fall for such products which usually promise miracles.

Our job is to do a thorough check on the manufacturers of products. We check the history of such companies along with their reputation online. We also check if they are genuine and are contactable.

Usually, unregistered companies with fake addresses and non-contactable information are scams. We try our level best to share this information with our readers.

Cost & Alternatives:

While cost is not a big criterion, we always try and look if there is a cheaper product that ticks all the other criteria. Most of the times, genuine and products that work are costlier.

In certain scenarios where we find a better or equivalent product at a lower cost, we ensure that it is in our recommended list.

This also helps to suggest alternatives in case someone wants to go for a lower cost product.

Something that works for person A might not work for person B. Hence, we find it very important to provide 1-3 alternatives so that you can choose what suits you the best.


Everything that we mention on this website is often backed by solid proof and studies. Often, we will provide a link to a reputed health website when a product or ingredient claims to do something.

We never link or refer to websites which are not authentic or untrustable. A lot of research goes on finding a trustable source that we can refer to before mentioning it.

Scientific Evidence:

All articles are based on scientific evidence. I am a licensed nutrionist and I provide unbiased and honest information.

Most of the articles contain links to scientific studies and references. These links can be found in numbers in the parentheses (1, 2, 3).


User feedback is the most important thing for us. We always want two-way communication through our website. We read and reply to each and every email that is sent to us.

We want our readers to have the correct information. We take all the time and efforts to research, write, review, edit and publish our fact-checked articles.

Please free to provide your valuable feedback by visiting the contact page.