Growth Factor Plus Review: Height Growth Pills That Help Adults Grow Taller

Growth Factor Plus is an effective height enhancer for adults that claim to help you grow taller.

In this review, I’ll note down everything you need to know to decide if Growth Factor Plus is the best product to increase height.

Growth Factor Plus

I will also provide bonus tips on how to make these pills work the best for you.

In general, taller Men & Women feel better than those who are shorter.

Can health products like Growth Factor Plus bring a favorable change in the genetic makeup to promote height enhancement?

Well, according to the makers of Growth Factor Plus, yes it can.

And, this is exactly what you are about to discover.

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Is It Possible For Adults To Grow Taller?

Throughout our lives, we have several growth bursts. These grow around the age of 18 and 20 for females and males respectively.

Height maximization usually stops once we reach puberty.

The body grows taller by adding growth plates (Epiphyseal plates) at the ends of our bones using the bone matrix.

These plates stay open & optimal until the last growth spurt.

After this bone forming, the bones ossify. The bone density also bone strength also increase during this time.

Epiphyseal Plates

It is true that the bones ossify at the end of the last growth spurt. However, the only ones that don’t fuse at the time are of your spine.

This is possible because your spine isn’t a single bone, but a series of bone supported together with cartilages.

increases the length of the cartilages between the spinal bones by improving cartilage lubrication.

This helps to increase your height.

Throughout the spine, 23 cartilages support the flexibility and structure of the spine.

So, if each of the cartilage discs is lengthened by just 0.1 inches, you can end up being 2.3 inches taller.

Growth Factor Plus boosts human growth Hormone production which results in this increase in cartilage length. This enables men and women to increase their height.. even after puberty!

The Relationship Between HGH Levels And Height:

HGH stands for Human Growth Hormone. It is produced in abundant amounts when we are babies.

The HGH production is at optimum hormone levels until we grow as adults.

In fact, HGH is responsible for several functions, some of which include: 

  • Supporting weight loss
  • Regulating cell growth, production, and regeneration
  • Promotes fast-acting bone growth results
  • Improving bone mass/strength
  • Maximizes bone growth potential
  • Supporting healthy sleep patterns
  • Optimizing cognitive health and function
  • Enhancing mood and energy levels

But one of the most critical responsibilities of HGH is to promote cartilage growth and repair.

So, as Growth Factor Plus boosts HGH levels, it helps to lengthen your cartilages for an increase in height.

What Happens If You Have Low HGH Levels?

The biggest reason for men and women having a short stature is low HGH levels.

Dwarfism in children is also known to be related to insufficient HGH production.

This is often caused due to some damage to the part of the brain that is responsible for stimulating HGH production.

While rare, this can happen due to an accident during birth or gene mutation.

A medical cause like this one is one of the few reasons doctors prescribe HGH injections as part of HGH help (growth hormone therapy).

Other than for this reason, you are going to be hard-pressed to find a doctor that will suggest prescription HGH injections.

What Are The Most Popular Methods To Grow Taller After Puberty?

💉 HGH Injections To Increase Height:

Injections with artificially produced HGH that are prescribed by a doctor as part of growth hormone therapy can increase height.

However, the criteria for this treatment are very strict and incorrect use (or abuse) of these injections can cause severe health problems.

Doctors rarely prescribe HGH injections for other reasons than for children that have HGH deficiency or other similar conditions.

The biggest concern with injectable HGH is the risk of a hormone imbalance caused by artificial HGH.

💊 Testosterone Boosting Supplements To Enhance Height:

Testosterone is another hormone that can affect the body’s growth. So, it’s assumed that taking testosterone pills can promote height growth in adults.

However, this height gain may not be as substantial as you assume. This is due to height growth being only one of the many characteristics that are affected by testosterone. However, T-boosters can reduce stress levels more effective than HGH therapy.

A major issue with testosterone boosting pills is that women can’t take them without risk of hormone imbalance.

🏥 Height Lengthening Surgery For Height Gain:

Height lengthening surgery is the most extreme option for most people who are trying to grow taller.

This surgery is expensive and costs between $10,000 and $30,000.

The surgery and the rehabilitation that follows are also known to be very painful. It can take many months before full mobility is achieved after this surgery.

Even after all the expenses, pain, and time it takes, height increase surgery can only increase height by a few centimeters.

💊 HGH Boosting Supplements To Promote Height Growth:

It isn’t possible to safely promote HGH growth by directly consuming it. Instead, it needs to be produced by the body.

HGH boosters like Growth Factor Plus contain amino acids that promote HGH production.

These five essential amino acids included in top-tier HGH boosters (like Growth Factor Plus):

  • L-Ornithine
  • L-Lysine
  • L-Arginine
  • L-Glycine
  • L-Glutamine

You can choose to take individual supplements with each amino acid or pick one supplement with all five.

Growth Factor Plus:

Growth Factor Plus is a non-prescription supplement that claims to help adults increase their height.

Yes, this means that adults can grow taller after puberty with these pills.

This is possible because of its complex ingredients working together to promote HGH synthesis in your body.

Right now, Growth Factor Plus is the best height growth supplement available online. It has shown great promise and positive results.

Purity Select, Inc. is the manufacturer of Growth Factor Plus.

These guys have been supplying Growth Factor Plus to tens of thousands of happy men and women around the world for many years now.

It’s also why this product is popular and synonymous with adult height growth.

This supplement is not a miracle drug. Growth Factor Pill works slowly (but surely) to increase your height over a few months.

And the best part of it is that there’s no pain, discomfort, or side effects with this product (according to genuine customer reviews online).

Growth Factor Plus Benefits:

  • Growth Factor Plus Increases natural production of HGH
  • Works for adults to grow taller after puberty
  • Works to increase height 24/7, even while sleeping
  • Improves joint, cartilage, and bone health
  • Relaxes the muscle
  • May increase 2-4 inches in height
  • 100% safe for men and women
  • Causes no pain or side effects
  • Improves self-confidence and mood
  • Uses a proprietary growth factor blend

Growth Factor Plus Benefits

The best part of Growth Factor supplement is that while increasing your HGH levels, it increases the overall health of bones, joints, and cartilages.

While you read the list of benefits for Growth Factor Plus, note that these benefits will take time to show themselves.

So, if you want to see visible results, plan to use the supplement for a few months at the very least. 

Growth Factor Plus Ingredients:

  • Chromium GTF (50 mcg)
  • Proprietary Blend (900 mg)
  • Phosphotidyl Choline (50 mg)
  • Colostrum (50 mg)
  • Pituitary Concentrate (25 mg)

The Proprietary Blend (900 mg) Contains:

  • L-Ornithine
  • L-Arginine HCL
  • L-Lysine
  • L-Tyrosine
  • L-Glutamine
  • L-Glycine
  • Pituitary (Anterior) Pwd
  • Phosphatidyl Choline Complex
  • Soy Protein Isolate

Growth Factor Plus Ingredients

The active ingredients used, including the amino acids, were hand-selected to boost HGH levels and promote height gain. There are also no artificial ingredients, preventing any harm that artificial ingredients are known to cause.

How Is Growth Factor Plus Compared To Peak Height And Other Height Enhancers?

The reason for the popularity of Growth Factor Plus is that it works, it’s been around for years, and it helps adults grow taller after puberty.

But what makes it special?

I did some digging into a few other popular get-taller supplements and found that most of them contain Calcium and Vitamin D.

Growth Factor Plus, on the other hand, doesn’t contain either. The reason for this is that the supplement promotes the production of HGH using its blend of five essential amino acids.

This allows your cartilage to be lengthened as compared to other products that focus on increasing bone length.

The bonus is that HGH also helps improve bone and joint strength.

It is technically not possible to increase bone length for adults (except through surgery). It’s more useful to increase your height by lengthening your cartilage.

In the end, you get faster results with Growth Factor Plus as compared to other products.

Peak Height is another popular height growth supplement that helps adults grow taller by increasing the HGH levels.

I have compared both to help you choose the best.

As for comparing Growth Factor Plus and Peak Height:
Price per pill
  • Intended For
  • Works By
  • Side Effects
  • Delivery Options
  • Dosage
Growth Factor Plus
  • Intended For


  • Works By

    Increasing HGH production

  • Side Effects


  • Delivery Options

    Any country

  • Dosage

    2 pills daily

Peak Height
  • Intended For


  • Works By

    Optimizing HGH production

  • Side Effects


  • Delivery Options

    Only for US-residents

  • Dosage

    3 pills daily

How Long Does It Take For Growth Factor Plus To Show Results?

Growth Factor Plus is not an instant height grow pill, and you shouldn’t expect it to work overnight. Also, results will vary from person to person.

It works by promoting HGH levels in the body, which activates the height growth. And all this takes time as artificial HGH isn’t used.

So, expect to use Growth Factor Plus for a few months before seeing any significant height gain.

I suggest using it for 6 months to 1 year to get the best results. That may also be why the official site sells a 6-bottle package of Growth Factor Plus.

That said, each bottle contains 60 pills which last for 30 days with a dosage of 2 pills a day.

Growth Factor Plus User Reviews:

Many people have experienced the benefits of taking Growth Factor Plus.

The official website contains over 180 user testimonials:

Growth Factor Plus Real User Reviews

Is Growth Factor Plus Safe?

When it comes to the safety factor of you using Growth Factor Plus, there are three questions to consider:

According to the makers of Growth Factor Plus, this height growth pills is side effect free.

Purity Select uses a GMP-certified lab uses clinically proven ingredients growth factor plus.

The makers are well-reputed for top-tier supplements that use high-quality ingredients to provide effective products.

I also checked genuine reviews and testimonials online and found no mention of pain or other side effects.

Can Growth Factor Plus Safely Elevate Your HGH Levels?

The reason for using amino acids in the supplement is to promote height gain without side effects.

This also means that the benefits you get for using Growth Factor Plus (height growth) come without any disadvantages. The only issue is the rate of your height gain. This is where some people aren’t satisfied with HGH boosters.

It’s because people expect to get two inches taller in just a few weeks. However, since the height gain is done from the inside out, it takes time for all the processes to complete.

Who Should Use HGH Supplements To Get Taller?

Growth Factor Plus is designed to be as safe as possible by using quality ingredients and being manufactured in a GMP-certified lab.

However, Growth Factor Plus isn’t for everyone. Men and women over the age of 18 can enjoy the benefits of this supplement while under-18s are suggested to steer clear of this pill.

For teens, I would recommend you get Peak Height as this pill is geared towards teenagers who want to maximize their natural growth spurts.

I also recommend you consult your doctor if you have any questions regarding drug interactions or past medical issues interfering with this supplement. Also, check for any ingredients that you may be allergic to on the ingredient list.

How Can You Get The Most Out Of Growth Factor Plus?

Firstly, know that you don’t have to follow these tips to get taller.

However, doing them while taking Growth Factor Plus should speed up the height increase process.

Get The Most Out Of Growth Factor Plus

Healthy Eating:

While the supplement contains HGH boosting ingredients, your diet will also determine your height growth.

A balanced diet with more greens and dry fruits can have a significant impact on growing taller.

So, if you are already taking Growth Factor Plus, following healthy eating habits will go a long way in growing tall.

Get Enough Sleep:

Your body requires sleep and rest to function at its peak. And this applies to height gain as well.

As you are sleeping, your spinal cartilages expand as they relax. This isn’t possible throughout the day as you are up and about, causing them to be compressed.

Also, try to avoid using an alarm to wake up. You will automatically wake up after your body has had sufficient rest and is fully recovered for a brand new day.

All Spine-Compressing Exercises Should Be Avoided:

Exercising is important for a healthy body and can be beneficial for your height growth. However, if you are doing exercises that are compressing your spine, you may be working against yourself.

The increased pressure placed on your spine, and in turn your cartilages, can negatively affect your height gain.

Some of the spine-compressing exercises to avoid include handstand pushups, weighted squats, and overhead shoulder presses.

Try Doing A Few Spine-Stretching Exercises:

Another tidbit from my childhood deals was being told to hang on a monkey bar if I wanted to get taller.

In fact, performing spine-stretching exercises like pull-ups, basketball, volleyball, and swimming are great for those who want to grow taller.

These exercises help reduce the cartilage compression so that the supplement works more effectively.

Improve Your Posture:

We were always told to maintain a straight posture when we were kids. But it seems that this advice is vital for getting taller.

The fact is that when you slouch, you are considerably compressing your spine. This can limit the ability of heightened HGH levels to promote cartilage growth.

However, if you maintain a straight posture, your cartilages can lengthen more efficiently, giving you faster results while using Growth Factor Plus.

Growth Factor Plus Price:

  1. $676 for the Buy 4, Get 2 FREE deal ($112.67 per bottle)
  2. $338 for the Buy 2, Get 1 FREE deal ($112.67 per bottle)
  3. $169 for the Buy 1 bottle deal ($169.00 per bottle)
Buy 1 Bottle
USD 169
  • 100% Genuine
  • Safe & Secure Payments
  • 1 Month Supply
  • Fast Delivery
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Growth Factor Plus Coupon Code:

You can also get an additional 20% discount if you use the coupon code during GET20 checkout when buying from the official site.

Buy Growth Factor Plus:

You may find some online stores that let you order Growth Factor Plus. However, I would recommend NOT buying from such third party stores.

It is always best to buy Growth Factor Plus from the official website for the following reasons:

  • Get a 100% original product.
  • Pay the best price as there are discounts available.
  • Do not risk yourself in buying something fake.
  • Get 90-days money back guarantee.
  • Eligible for deals, discounts, and offers on your future purchases.

Fortunately, ordering Growth Factor Plus from the official site gives you access to the 90-day money-back guarantee.

What Is The 90 Day Money Back Guarantee?

The makers of Growth Factor Plus are confident with their product working. So, they have provided a 90-day money back guarantee.

With this guarantee, if you aren’t 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can get a full refund on your order.

Ninety days is plenty of time to try the supplement and see if it’s to your liking. This is better than the 14-day refund policies of many other online products.

Additionally, as Purity Select owns this product, you are buying from a reputed manufacturer who makes quality health supplements.

This ensures that you are getting a quality supplement and that the makers will uphold all commitments made at the time of purchase.

All you need to do to avail a refund is to contact the customer service (1+888-399-5993) ( or via the live chat on the official website.

Buy Growth Factor Plus

Manufacturer Contact Information:

The sellers of Growth Factor Plus have a good customer service department which takes care of customers via phone and email & chat.

You can get in touch via:

Phone: 1-888-399-5993


Live Chat: Official Website


6 Mars Court
Suite F4
BoontonNJ 07005

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Buying Growth Factor Plus?

There is no such thing as a perfect product.

So, it’s only fair that I list down the pros AND cons of buying and using this height growth supplement:

Growth Factor Plus Pros & Cons

  • Growth Factor Plus promotes HGH levels (and provides the associated benefits)
  • Designed especially for adults who want to grow taller
  • Increases height without requiring any active input (completely passive)
  • Provides additional health benefits (anti-aging, weight loss, better sleep)
  • Improves mood and self-confidence
  • Easy to take (and non-invasive)
  • 100% safe with zero reports of side effects
  • Growth Factor Plus has a premium price ($3.76 per day)
  • Takes time to see results (a few months at the very least)

Growth Factor Plus Review Summary:

  • Growth Factor Plus height enhancer works on adults who want to grow taller
  • It can take several months before visible height gain
  • Works by promoting HGH production
  • The natural ingredients provide side-effect free results
  • A non-invasive and non-surgical method to gain inches in height
  • Hundreds of real reviews and testimonials by users available online
  • This height enhancer is only sold on the official site
  • The price isn’t low, but it does come with a 60-day money-back guarantee

What’s The Final Verdict On Growth Factor Plus? (Is This Height Supplement Worth Your Cash?)

The review summary helps bring all the key points about Growth Factor Plus into perspective.

From my research, I found Growth Factor Plus to be effective, safe, useful, and worth buying. However, the downsides of not being cheap or not being for under-18s may be a snag for some.

That said, I think that for most people Growth Factor Plus should be the best option to grow taller.

So, if you want to buy Growth Factor Plus, I suggest you hop over to their manufacturer’s website for the best deal.

I recommend you get the Buy 4, Get 2 FREE deal as it provides the most economical cost.


Q: How does Growth Factor Plus work?

A: It works on the principle of lengthening the cartilage between the bones. This is proven to be an effective way for adults to grow taller.

Q: How many inches can I expect to gain with this supplement?

A: This will be different for everyone, but most people can expect to gain 1-2 inches within a few months.

Q: Can I purchase Growth Factor Plus from Australia?

A: Growth Factor Plus is available worldwide and can be purchased from the official website.

Q: Is it safe to buy this supplement from eBay?

A: This supplement isn’t sold on eBay. However, some users have reported sellers on eBay providing Growth Factor Plus. But beware as those are not official purchases and probably won’t be eligible for the refund policy. Additionally, there’s no guarantee that the pills you buy from eBay are genuine either.

Q: What makes these Growth Factor Plus pills different from the other Height Supplements out there?

A: Unlike other Height supplements, Growth Factor Plus is designed to optimize the HGH production for increasing your height specifically.

Q: What’s the recommended dosage for this supplement?

A: The recommended dosage is two pills a day.

Q: Can I stack this pill with another supplement?

A: This should be alright, but it may be better if you consult your doctor before you do so.

Q: Can I take the pills for a long time (several months)?

A: These pills are 100% safe for long-term consumption. Just make sure that the expiry date on the bottle hasn’t passed.

Q: When do I stop using Growth Factor Plus?

A: You can stop using the supplement whenever you want. However, to get the best results, I would suggest regularly using the supplement until you reach your height goal.

Q: Will I lose my height gains if I stop taking height growth products?

A: You shouldn’t have any issues maintaining your height if you follow a healthy lifestyle.

Q: Can Growth Factor Plus be purchased from Amazon or Walmart?

A: Both Amazon and Walmart sell some height growth products. However, Growth Factor Plus is only available from the manufacturer’s website. It’s also one of the few height growth supplements designed for adults.

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