Nerotenze: Another Testosterone Booster Scam

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Nerotenze testosterone booster is under the spotlight recently, and it’s not because it just helped thousands get rock-hard erections.

I read about Nerotenze on a viral post on Facebook about how this is a free trial scam.


Of course, I wasn’t going just to believe what I read. So, I did some research into Nerotenze and user claims about this product being a scam.

In this article, I’ll summarize what I found about Nerotenze. I’ve also noted another way to boost your sexual performance discreetly.

FYI: This is an unbiased review of Nerotenze that is written in accordance with our Editorial Process guidelines. 

What Is Nerotenze?

Nerotenze is a testosterone booster that claims to help revitalize your sexual health for harder erections and longer-lasting sex.

Testosterone is a naturally occurring hormone that is linked to sexual performance, libido, and erection health. So, having low T-levels can result in unsatisfactory sexual performance.

Unfortunately, testosterone levels in men naturally decline by 1-2% per year after becoming adults (1). It’s also why testo boosters are so popular.

This male enhancement supplement looks to be for older men who are struggling with getting erections for satisfactory sex due to low Testosterone levels.

According to the brand’s official site, Nerotenze is the ‘No. 1 male enhancement pill in the US.’

However, I hadn’t even heard of this product until yesterday. So, I have serious doubts about this claim.

How Does It Work?

Like other male enhancement supplements, uses two principles to elevate sexual health:

  • Boost Testosterone Levels:

    Ingredients like Boron and Horny Goat Weed are used to stimulate the adrenal gland to produce more testosterone. This should improve libido, mood, orgasm intensity, and sexual performance.

  • Boost Nitric Oxide Levels:

    Ingredients like Saw Palmetto and Tongkat Ali support nitric oxide levels for improved blood flow to the penis. This should improve erection hardness, penile sensitivity, erection frequency, and (rarely) penis size.

Nerotenze Ingredients:

  • Horny Goat Weed Extract: Is a natural aphrodisiac that improves testosterone levels while combating sexual dysfunction (2, 3, 4).
  • Nettle: Prevents SHBG from binding with testosterone, resulting in more ‘free’ testosterone (5).
  • Orchic Substance: Clinically proven to combat impotence and boost sperm count (6). BTW, its made from cattle testicles.
  • Bioperine: Improves bio-availability and absorption of the other ingredients for fast-acting results (7).
  • Tongkat Ali: Combats Erectile Dysfunction, improves sex drive, boosts T-levels, and promotes sexual performance (8, 9).
  • Boron: Clinically proven to boost natural testosterone production (10, 11, 12).
  • Saw Palmetto Berry: Helps older men get harder erections and improve sexual health while supporting prostate health (13).

Nerotenze Ingredients

The list of ingredients looks decent and contains clinically tested and proven ingredients.

However, one thing missing is the specific amount (of each ingredient) used in the supplement. In fact, the Supplement Facts label (bottle label) is also not provided on the website.

So, in the end, we don’t know if the concentration of ingredients used is sufficient to provide the claimed benefits.

Who Makes Nerotenze?

There is no mention of the manufacturer of Nerotenze anywhere on the brand’s website.

Even on the Contact Us page, it just says Nerotenze with a missing section where the address should go.

The only way to contact the customer service for Nerotenze is via:

I also didn’t find any information about the owners on the Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy pages. The product or its makers also aren’t listed on

Of course, I don’t need to remind you how big of a red flag it is to buy a product from an unknown seller.

On a side note, I also noticed that their website doesn’t even have the product name. It seems that they are using an older site to advertise this product – another red flag.

Nerotenze Benefits:

  • Nerotenze boosts testosterone production
  • Elevates nitric oxide levels
  • Boosts libido
  • Gives you harder erections that last longer
  • Improves sexual stamina and endurance
  • Enhances mood and self-confidence
  • May increase penis length and girth

My problem with this list of benefits is that they are identical to most sexual health boosters for men. There is not one unique factor that can convince me to buy Nerotenze over another similar product.

In addition, coming back to the missing info on the ingredients, we don’t even know that these benefits are achievable.

Nerotenze Review By Real Users:

According to the official site, this product is a miracle pill that gets you hard and ready for nights’ worth of action.

They back this claim up with user testimonials on their website. Unfortunately, these testimonials are fake and are also used for other scam products.

Nerotenze Fake Reviews

In fact, the whole site is almost identical to other scam product sites. The only thing different between the sites is the product name and bottle image.

If you want real reviews by real users, go to Facebook and read all the complaints and claims about ` being a rip-off.

Nerotenze FB Reviews

Nerotenze Side Effects:

Nerotenze is said to be a side-effect free testo booster, according to the manufacturer’ site.

However, no evidence is provided to support this claim. This product has also not been tested or approved by the FDA.

In addition, while it claims to be US-made, the manufacturing facility (and its authorization) has not been mentioned.

I also didn’t find a single positive user review online (from credible sources).

So, it is still unclear as to whether Nerotenze causes any side effects. Also, the lack of info on the makers makes it risky to even give this product a try.

Nerotenze Scam – Dodgy Risk-Free Trial Offer:

The only way to buy Nerotenze is to place an order for their ‘risk-free trial’ deal.

With this deal, most people expect to get Nerotenze on trial basis for just $5.95.

They also don’t expect an additional charge if they don’t want to continue using the product.

However, the reality is that while signing up for the trial offer, you also sign up for their membership program.

With this membership program, you are sent a 30-day supply of Nerotenze every month. In addition, the first (risk-free trial offer) bottle and the subsequent bottles cost $139.90 each.

Those who weren’t careful in reading the T&C before signing up end up being charged hundreds of dollars a month.

BTW, this continues until you ask your bank/credit card provider to decline future transactions.

You can contact the customer service center to cancel your membership. However, most people have found the customer service staff for such scam products to be uncooperative and rude.

So, most people end up canceling their credit card to avoid these obscene charges.

Nerotenze Not Approved

The Final Verdict:

Nerotenze is clearly a fly-by-night product that is simply looking to make a quick buck off from unsuspecting individuals.

That said, I cannot claim with certainty that the product itself doesn’t work. It may work, but the cost of the product is not worth any potential benefits it may have.

Fortunately, there are several quality male enhancement products from well-reputed makers available online.

If you want to maximize your sexual performance by elevating testosterone levels, consider picking one of the top testosterone boosters.

4 thoughts on “Nerotenze: Another Testosterone Booster Scam”

  1. tried to unsubscribe from this product as it seems to be a dangerous product from what i have read,but the bastards keep sending the rubbish and taking money from my bank account.should be charged with fraud

  2. I only ordered the trial Nerotenze testosterone $5.95 as a joke, as nothing is going to help me anyway. However I also received a bottle of L-Arginine and was charged $6.95 postage even though it was in the same pack.
    subsequently one month later they have taken$134.90 and $139.90
    now this month they have taken $141.85 and $145.85
    I saw something wrong because the account I used is one I dont use much,and dont check the statements and it was overdrawn when I made a purchase..
    I have now cancelled my credit card and realised the scam ,dont remember any membership clauses at the beginning.
    Expensive joke on me.

  3. I was taken advantage of by a similar scam, only the product promised to me was Forskoline. What I was sent were 2 ziplock baggies with 2 different types of pills…one was macha and the other kratom as noted on baggies in magic marker. A month later I was hit for $139 and even though I had won a dispute about that product, they billed me for a reoccurring CBD cream they claimed I had opted in for upon ordering “forskoline” which I had not and was never sent. I had to pay 2 times before PayPal allowed me to sever payment agreement.


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