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Raw Power XL is a potential scam that was pointed out to me by Phil from Arizona.

He asked me to bring this issue to the attention of others so that others don’t end up being burnt like he was.

However, I’m careful about judging products based on what people say, especially without verifying the facts myself.

So, I set about doing my research into this male enhancement pill and finding out what made Phil call this a scam.

Raw Power XL

In this article, I’ll detail my findings with a final recommendation at the end.

So, if you came across this article while looking to buy Raw Power XL, I suggest you pay close attention as what I have found will definitely be worth spending 5 minutes of your time reading this review.

What Is Raw Power XL?

Raw Power XL claims to be a male enhancement pill that promotes enhanced sexual performance for men, all without side effects.

It’s said to work by boosting testosterone and nitric oxide production. And judging by the promises made on the official site, it seems like a miracle pill.

However, I found very little substance, in terms of actual useful information, on the website. It just sounds like a big fluff piece written about the product hoping to trap a few suckers for a quick buck.

What Are The Benefits Promised With Raw Power XL?

  • Longer-lasting erections
  • Harder and bigger erections
  • Improved sex drive
  • Increased energy levels
  • A longer and thicker penis
  • Enhanced sexual health
  • Improved sexual stamina and endurance
  • Fights sexual dysfunctions and problems
Most of these benefits are only possible with top-tier products that have been tried, tested, and proven by real users.

I doubt that this supplement is capable of providing all these benefits. It also doesn’t mention any specifics about how much of the benefits you are getting. For example, how many inches with you gain with taking the pills. Or how fast will it combat your sexual health issues?

The lack of information on these open-ended promises is a big negative for my evaluation.

What’s In The List Of Raw Power XL Ingredients?

Raw Power XL Ingredients

These are the ‘active ingredients’ used in this product. However, no mention has been made about the exact amounts of each ingredient in the supplement.

And while these ingredients have been clinically proven (see links), they need a sufficient dose for the benefits to be seen.

So, there is no guarantee that this product has enough of the ingredients mentioned to promote the claimed results.

How Many Raw Power XL Pills Should You Be Taking?

There is no mention on the dosage for Raw Power XL on the official website.

However, each bottle contains 60 pills that are said to last for 30 days. So, we can calculate a daily dosage of 2 pills.

I also didn’t find any bottle images online that have a mention of the recommended dosage.

What Do Real User Reviews Say About Raw Power XL?

I didn’t find a single user review online for this supplement.

I did, however, find a complaint on the BBB.org website about these guys charging users without a proper explanation.

Raw Power XL BBB Complaint

While the complaint was shown to be resolved, I don’t think that this person is the only one facing such a problem with this product.

How To Contact The Manufacturer Of Raw Power XL?

  • Phone Number: 1 (866) 884-5050
  • Email: help@rawpowerxl.com
  • Return Address: 780 Morosgo Dr. #13111, Atlanta, GA 30324

There is very little information on this company other than what’s mentioned above.

I checked BBB.org and found that this is not a BBB-accredited business. Worst still, the BBB file for the company was only created on 1/2/2018, a little more than a year ago.

Additionally, I checked on whois.com and found that the official site was only created in 2016 with its owners/creators being hidden from the public.

Both these facts point towards a dodgy fly-by-night manufacturer that sells the same product under different companies and names.

So, there is no guarantee that this product will be around in 6 months or 1 year.

What Are The Best Raw Power XL Prices And Deals Online?

The best place, and by that, I mean ONLY place to get Raw Power XL is from the official website for the product.

And on this site, you have ONLY one choice to get this product: sign up for their trial offer.

The lure for convincing people to click ‘Rush My Bottle’ is only mentioning the promise of a FREE TRIAL with a nominal $4.95 shipping cost.

However, the users soon find out that they aren’t getting a great deal as they initial thought. Instead, they and their credit cards are getting taken for a costly ride.

Is Getting Raw Power XL Free Trial Offer A Bad Idea?

Yes. It’s a terrible idea.

Raw Power XL Not Approved

But Why?

Getting the free trial offered by Raw Power XL is a big mistake because:

  • It’s obscenely more expensive than some top-tier products
  • It hides (doesn’t mention) many key facts about the product
  • The manufacturer is relatively unknown to industry experts or me
  • It comes with some hidden costs, including recurring costs
  • It’s known to be difficult to cancel the subscription/trial for such products
Here are some of the <strong>costs associated</strong> with signing up for the trial offered by Raw Power XL:
  • $4.95 for the initial shipping cost
  • $85.95 for the first bottle (charged after the 10-day trial period)
  • $90.90 ($85.95+$4.95) every 30 days after for the auto-shipment program subscription

So, if you got Raw Power XL and didn’t ask to stop getting the product for six months, your credit card bill will be for $545.40.

That’s over a thousand dollars a year, just for a few pills that I doubt even work.

So, What’s The Better Alternative To Raw Power XL?

The better alternative to Raw Power XL is Male Extra.

Male Extra: The Better Alternative To Raw Power XL

I recommend Male Extra as the go-to male enhancement supplement because of its positive user-response and long track record.

Unlike Raw Power XL, Male Extra focuses on promoting nitric oxide to improve sexual performance in men.

Here’s what I like about Male Extra:

  • The bottle label is provided (on the official site)
  • Each ingredient comes with its specific amount per serving information
  • It comes with a believable list of benefits
  • It’s made by Wolfson Berg Ltd, a well-reputed supplement manufacturer
  • There are tons of user reviews for Male Extra online
  • Puts the customer first with a full money-back guarantee
  • Doesn’t have a trial offer with recurring charges
  • Can be purchased for as little as $41.65 per bottle
  • Has a quality customer care service (including online chat support)
So, if you want a quality sexual health booster, ditch Raw Power XL for a bottle of Male Extra.

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