RLX Pills: Online Male Enhancement Scam Up Ahead

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RLX Pills are sexual performance enhancers for men who want a little help in the bedroom.

There are thousands of pills just like RLX Pills available online, many of which I’ve reviewed on my mixel.cc blog.

However, I have rarely seen a product shoved so hard down the throats of the customers.

In fact, when I saw the tenth Facebook ad for this product on my Feed, I knew several hundreds of men who were going to fall for buying RLX Pills.
RLX Pills

My Rant About Crap Products Sold Online:

Reviewing various supplements is my hobby and passion. But one thing I hate is when people use deceit and lies to sell their products online.

Now, remember that at this point, I hadn’t even read up on . But I knew that it wasn’t going to be the miracle pill it claims to be.

Why? Because the ads I saw claimed that this pill increases penis size by 1.5-3.3 inches PER WEEK!!

And while some of you may not have read up on male enhancement products, know that that’s not possible by just taking some random pills.

Unfortunately, many people fall for such an ad thinking that it’s an actual news article as it claims to be from ‘Men’s Health Life’ magazine. However, looking at the website it’s on, it’s clearly a fake.

[Takes a deep breath in]

[Exhales slowly]

Well, now that my rant about crap products being sold online is over, I suggest you read this RLX Pills review. And while I’m not happy about RLX Pills or its sales tactics, I did review the product without bias.

You can use the Table Of Content to jump to the section that interests you. But if you are short in time and want the point-to-point lowdown on RLX Pills, check out my RLX Pills review summary.

Either way, I am confident that this article on RLX Pills will be the most bullshit-free review online.

RLX Pills:

RLX Pills claim to be male enhancement pills that improve sexual performance for men.

These pills are said to be side-effect free as they are made from ‘all-natural’ ingredients.

The basics of this product are the same as most other sexual health boosters out there, including the good ones.

In brief, this product boosts testosterone and nitric oxide levels to enhance the user’s sexual performance.

There is also a trial offer that they claim is very popular (more on that here).  That said, no one seems to have even heard of this pill until the ads online, even when they claim to be in high demand (more on that here).

How Is It Supposed To Work?

This sex pill promotes sexual performance by improving the natural production of testosterone and elevating nitrogen retention levels.

The natural ingredients (like Ginkgo Biloba) used are known to elevate testosterone production while combating sexual health problems (1). So, if taken in the right doses, the ingredients stimulate the pituitary gland to promote T-levels.

The proprietary blend also contains ingredients like L-Arginine that help elevate nitrogen retention by boosting nitric oxide production (2). This is done by the body metabolizing the natural ingredients in RLX Pills.

The increase in nitrogen retention works to dilate the blood vessels. Furthermore, the dilated blood vessels allow more blood to be supplied to the penis (and other muscles).

So, as more and more blood is pumped into the penis, it becomes engorged and provides a hard erection. However, unlike normal erections, the dilated blood vessels allow more blood to be stored in the penile chambers.

The dilated blood vessels result in you getting a rock-hard erection which is slightly bigger than usual.

In theory, when you use the pills regularly, every rock-hard erection forces your penis to increase its size.

What Are The Claimed RLX Pills Benefits?

  • RLX Pills promotes ‘free’ testosterone levels
  • Increases nitric oxide production
  • Gives rock-hard erections
  • Improves sexual energy, stamina, and endurance
  • Enhances sex drive
  • Improved staying power
  • Increased penis size of up to 3”
  • Improved sexual confidence and mood

My Issue With The Claimed Benefits Of RLX Pills:

The list of benefits of using RLX Pills is impressive. However, you are not provided any evidence to support these benefits.

So, if you buy these pills, you have to take the seller’s word on it.

Plus, several benefits are clearly not going to be possible with just this pill. The biggest one being the increase in penis size.

I don’t know of a single supplement/drug out there that can increase penis size by 3.3” within a week.

Heck, I don’t know if a pill can achieve that in 3 months.

The claims on the advert and official site also include benefits like lasting all night and getting longer-lasting erections.

But while it may be possible to see these benefits, the duration and intensity of the results do defer.

Still, the ingredients used have been proven to work, even if this pill’s performance remains unproven.

RLX Male Enhancement Before And After Pictures:

If you looked at the same pictures as I did on the ad for RLX Pills, you would be shocked. I know I was.

The ad claimed RLX Pills increase penis size. However, the images on the advert were less appealing and more intimidating.

Hell, I know that the average penis size around the world is 5.5” but these guys were packing 12” dicks!! (3)

That’s not pornstar territory, its horse penis territory.

In fact, I don’t know of any woman (pornstar or otherwise) who can take an 18” XXXL dick and moan in pleasure.

Well, she may moan, even cry and beg, but it won’t be due to pleasure.

Seriously, the images are so shocking that I half-worry that getting such an erection would end up resulting in some people having a heart attack.

After all, their members are so huge that they look to hold at least 400 ml of blood. For reference, a normal erection needs about 120 ml of blood.

When all is said and done, just calm down and look at the pics again. Most of them are clearly photoshopped to look bigger and longer.

As I said in my rant: deceit and lies.

RLX Pills Ingredients:

  • Saw Palmetto Berry:
    It boosts the production of testosterone and sperm while supporting your prostate health, sexual performance, and sex drive (4).
  • Muira Puama Extract:
    It boosts sexual endurance, stamina, and power while supporting male fertility and health (5).
  • Asian Red Ginger Extracts:
    It boosts sex drive, confidence, mood, and erection quality while combating erectile dysfunction (6).
  • Gingko Biloba Extract:
    It boosts testosterone production while combating sexual health issues like Erectile Dysfunction while supporting sexual performance and health (7).
  • L-Arginine:
    It boosts nitrogen retention by increasing nitric oxide production while supporting energy levels, sex drive, erection health, and combating sexual dysfunction (8).
  • Bioperine:
    It boosts the bio-availability and absorbability of the other ingredients to maximize the gains (9).
  • Horny Goat Weed Extract:
    It boosts testosterone production, sex drive, and performance while combating sexual health problems like ED (10).

RLX Pills Ingredients

My Issue With The Ingredient List For RLX Male Enhancer:

The list of ingredients is definitely an impressive one. However, I have no idea if the pills you get delivered will have these exact ingredients.

After all, I found that there is no info about the ingredients other than their names and a small description.

In fact, when I checked for their ‘Supplement Facts’ label, I found one for a product called ‘Raging Lion’ and not for RLX Male Enhancement on their site.

This means that before selling this male enhancement pill on this site, they were selling Raging Lion pills. But when then switched out the product, they forgot to replace the Raging Lion Supplement Facts label.

If you didn’t know, this is how fly-by-night products are sold.

They take a website for one product and once that product isn’t selling (or is sued), they swap the product name and images for a second product.

So, instead of writing a new description and information on the product, they just use what was there before. And this includes the information on the ingredients too.

Therefore, with fly-by-night products like RLX Pills, there is no guarantee that the ingredients in the pills you get will be the same ones as mentioned on the website.

RLX Pills Reviews:

The manufacturer’s website for this product claims that this is the number one male enhancement pill in the USA.

However, I didn’t find a single user review on this product online.

There are a few testimonials on the official site. However, they are sure to be biased towards the product.

Plus, don’t forget how these fly-by-night products recycle websites. So, while the product name and image is new, everything else is the same. This includes user reviews.

In fact, I am quite sure that they use ‘Search & Replace’ to swap out the product name.

And while I have no evidence of how they swap the names, it is true that they reuse the testimonials.

If you don’t believe me, just search for one of the lines in their user testimonials on Google. Use quotations around the line to get an exact match.

I checked and here’s what I got:
RLX Pills - Fake Reviews

RLX Pills Dosage:

In regards to the dosage recommended for RLX Pills, there’s no info on the website.

The only thing we have to go on is the packaging of the pills which state that there are 30 capsules in each box.

Furthermore, most supplements sell their products in 30-day dosages.

If we go by that measure, a single bottle of RLX Pills should last 30 days with a 1 pill a day dosage.

So, the good news is that you will only have to take a single pill a day. But the bad news is that you have no clue if the pill is even going to do anything.

After all, most products that provide the same benefits with a similar set of ingredients all have a dosage of 2-3 pills a day.

Additionally, we also don’t know if the ingredient list is correct. Furthermore, we don’t even know exactly how much of each ingredient was used in the manufacturing process.

So, the single pill just may contain fillers with a sprinkle of the active ingredients (just for show).

Either way, the point I’m trying to get across is that we know too little about the dosage for RLX Pills.

Who Makes RLX Pills?

I’m not sure who makes RLX Pills.

On the Contact Us page, the company responsible for providing us this product is called ‘Male Enhancement Formula.’

In fact, judging by the name, I’m sure that this is just a placeholder that they forgot to replace when the switched products to RLX Pills.

Another surprising fact is that the name of the company isn’t in the text but an image. That’s why it looks a little weird and out of place:

RLX Pills - Company Name Placeholder Mistake

That said, they do provide some info regarding the company like the email, phone number, and address. However, the address is not their office address but the one required for product returns.

Contact details for RLX Pills manufacturer:

RLX Pills Side Effects:

I have to say it’s difficult to find people who have suffered from side effects from using RLX Pills when no one has even heard of the product before.

To find any indication of side effects, I checked other sites, independent reviews, and e-commerce sites for reviews.

But in the end, I failed to find a single genuine review on this pill. There were a few independent reviews with positive testimonials. But they were fake since the websites made money from convincing people those testimonials were real.

Where To Buy RLX Pills?

According to the manufacturer’s site, RLX Pills is only available on the official site.

This would have been fine if the website was actually named on the product, but it isn’t.

Additionally, the pills aren’t even technically on sale since they are only available with a subscription to their Risk-Free Trial offer.

In fact, when people order the product, they don’t even realize that they are signing up for a monthly auto-shipment subscription plan.

With this auto-shipment subscription, you are sent a new bottle of RLX Pills every 30 days automatically.

RLX Pills Price:

When signing up, you are asked to pay a small shipping charge for a ‘risk-free’ trial. However, this is how they get your credit card info to charge you for the auto-shipment subscription.

For the trial, you are given 14 days, which start on the day you order. So, by the time you get the product, it’s more like 7 days.

After the 14-day trial period ends, you are charged $119.97 for the product that was sent to you.

To avoid this charge, you have to contact the manufacturer, get an RMA number, and send it back before the trial period ends.

This may sound alright for some, but people end up furious when the customer service people aren’t cooperative.

In fact, people dealing with similar scams have claimed that the customer service staffs are often rude, put you on hold for ages, and drop your call randomly.

Many people have had to resort to canceling their credit cards to avoid their cards from being charged. This is a big problem since the charges will continue every 30 days if the subscription isn’t canceled.

In short, RLX Pills comes with a recurring charge of $119.97+$6.95 every 30 days for a product no one has ever heard off.

Additionally, I don’t know of any male enhancement pill that costs $120 and can’t even provide you with decent info.

Is RLX Pills A Scam?

I found a lot of problems after going through the official site for RLX Pills with a fine-toothed comb. However, there is nothing illegal about what these guys are doing.

Are you asking, ‘How come?’

Well, this is because they have mentioned all the details in the Terms And Conditions page. And since you agree to these T&Cs when you sign up for their trial offer, you are accepting them.

That said, while they are not doing anything illegal, their sales tactics are shady and unethical.

So, while I would like to call out RLX Pills as a scam, they technically aren’t.

However, this isn’t going to stop me from incinerating them on my blog.
RLX Not Approved

Should You Be Considering RLX Pills?

If you are asking this question, you clearly haven’t read a single word of what I wrote before this section.

But that’s alright because RLX Male Enhancement isn’t worth your time, money, and energy. The fake ads on Facebook also really oversell the abilities of this product.

Additionally, the severe lack of information on the actual product also makes it a dodgy product.

Furthermore, let’s not forget the fact that no one has even heard of this product before last week while the site claims it’s the number one male enhancement pill in the US.

Simply put, RLX Pills is a shady product that is going to cause you more problems than its worth.

In fact, unless you hate having money in your bank or want to flush your money down the drain, skip getting RLX Pills.

Were you recently roped into signing up for RLX Pills' Scam?

What’s The Better Alternative To Falling For RLX Pills?

Instead of getting RLX Pills, there are other male enhancement products out there that are superior in every way. This includes their transparency about the ingredients as well as their prices.

With such products, you also don’t have to worry about recurring charges as they only provide direct-purchase options.

If you are interested in getting a quality male enhancement pill, you should check out my Best Male Enhancement Pills article.

In the article, I review several products and provide all their essential details for you to evaluate. I’ve also included a priority list that lists my most recommended male enhancement pills.

According to my reviews, the top five male enhancement pills of 2019 are:

  1. Cilexin
  2. Extenze
  3. VigRX Plus
  4. Male Extra
  5. Viasil

In fact, I’ve also written individual reports for each of these products on mixel.cc. You are free to read the reviews if you want. However, I suggest you at least take a look at my Best Male Enhancement Pills article first.

RLX Pills Review Summary:

  • RLX Pills ads on Facebook promises unachievable results
  • The advertisement contains photoshopped images and fake user reviews
  • It may work to improve sexual performance, but it may fail as well
  • There is no evidence to back up the claims
  • The manufacturer uses shady marketing practices
  • Exorbitant price for the product makes this an unworthy purchase
  • Stay away from scams like RLX Pills
  • Better male enhancement pills with more affordable prices available online

FAQs On RLX Pills:

Q. What do I do if I ended up signing up for RLX Pills and wish to stop the bank charges?

A. Contact the customer service center by calling them on 1-855-204-4869 and asking for them to cancel your subscription for their auto-shipment program. You can also alert your bank to decline charges associated with RLX Pills.

Q. Can I sue these guys for my money back?

A. That would be difficult since you agreed to the terms and conditions when you ordered the trial offer.

Q. What is their office address in the US?

A. I didn’t find a proper address for the US. In fact, I didn’t find any other address except for product returns, which is just a PO Box.

Q. How is this scam even legal?

A. Unfortunately, these scammers ensure that they do this legally by not overstepping the word of law and using loopholes.

Q. If you had to choose another male enhancement pill to recommend, what would it be?

  1. Cilexin

A. For most men, Cilexin will be most effective. However, the other four in my Best Male Enhancement Pills article are also worth buying due to their unique strengths and benefits.

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