45 Sex Myths And Facts Every Man Should Know

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Men are often clueless about the facts about sexual intercourse, pregnancy, and STDs. If this sounds like you, this article on sex myths is exactly what you need.

Here, I’ve presented a comprehensive list of the myths and facts about sex.

In fact, there are several of these sex facts even I had no inkling.

Sex Myths

That said, note that this is not to be taken as medical advice. So, talk to your doctor before you do anything else if you have any serious concerns regarding sex, pregnancy, and STDs.

Here are 45 facts and myths about sex that every man should be aware of:

Table of Contents

1. Every orgasm should be mind-blowing and explosive (like in porn):

Myth. Porn orgasms, for both men and women, are very unrealistic and rarely achievable for the average man and woman. Regardless, your orgasms should always feel pleasant and satisfying.

2. Men who are in long-term relationships don’t masturbate:

Myth. While men in relationships masturbate with less frequency, most still masturbate on occasion (1).

3. Having a lot of sex can stretch out the vagina:

Myth. The vagina doesn’t stretch out after having sex, regardless of frequency, intensity, or penis size. The only way the vagina, cervix, and uterus may change size is due to childbirth.

4. Blue balls is a real problem:

Fact. It’s actually called Vasocongesion. This medical condition is caused when you get turned on but don’t ejaculate, causing a cramp-like ache in the groin.

5. She can’t get pregnant if she’s on her period:

Myth. Your sperm can life in the vagina for up to 7 days. So, the sperm can survive until she’s off her period before fertilizing the egg.

6. Very few women can enjoy vaginal orgasms:

Fact. In studies, only 6% of women were found to have experienced at least one orgasm due to vaginal penetration (2).

7. Men think about sex every seven seconds:

Myth. There is no basis for this claim. Some men think about sex more than others. However, not all men think about sex constantly.

Men think about sex every seven seconds

8. You need an erection for sex:

Myth. The fact is that there is a lot more to sex than just penetration of a vagina with a penis. Several aspects of sex have more to do with the mental factor of the man and woman rather than the physical. So, even if you are struggling to have an erection, you can still have sex.

9. Sex is completed when the man cums:

Myth. Sex involves both you and your partner. So, sex should ideally continue until both partners are sexually satisfied and willing to stop.

10. Water in the Jacuzzi can kill off sperm:

Fact. The chlorine and other chemicals in Jacuzzis and pools can quickly kill off sperm in a matter of seconds. However, the risk of pregnancy isn’t 0%, especially if you are having unprotected sex when in the Jacuzzi when you ejaculated.

11. Sex for the first time for the female can hurt:

Fact. Having sex for the first time can cause some discomfort but this isn’t always the case. For some women, their first time caused no pain while for others, there was some pain.

12. She can’t get pregnant on pre-cum:

Myth.  If you have recently ejaculated, your pre-cum may contain some sperm that may get your partner pregnant. Pre-cum can also carry STDs.

13. Masturbating before sex can prevent pregnancy:

Myth. You only need one sperm to fertilize one egg to get pregnant. Since masturbation won’t reduce your sperm levels to zero, the risk of pregnancy is still there, no matter how much you jerk off.

14. Long-term use of birth control pills can cause fertility problems for women:

Myth. Birth control pills are formulated to prevent unplanned pregnancies without affecting the woman’s ability to get pregnant.

15. You have to be over 18 to buy condoms at the store:

Myth. There is no age limit for buying condoms. You can also buy condoms from e-commerce websites that provide home delivery in discreet packaging.

No Age Limit To Buy Condoms At The Store

16. She won’t get pregnant if it’s her first time having sex:

Myth. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first or hundredth time having sex, the chance of pregnancy is the same. So, regardless of when you have sex, use birth control to avoid unplanned pregnancy.

17. You won’t get an STD with shower sex:

Myth. STDs are transmitted during sex when bodily fluids are exchanged, which happens during sex, even shower sex. If you are planning to have shower sex, always use a condom.

18. Average penis size is 7 inches:

Myth. The average penis size is 3.5 inches when flaccid and 5.1 inches when erect (3). In addition, most women prefer their partners’ penis size to be around 6.3 inches, according to one study (4).

19. You can get STIs from a public toilet seat:

Myth. You won’t get STIs from using a public toilet seat. However, it’s always a good idea to wipe down the seat with disinfectant before and after using it to reduce risk of germs.

20. Pushing the cum out can prevent pregnancy:

Myth. The female body is designed to prevent semen from falling out. So, no matter how hard she tries to get all the cum out, there’s still going to be some that’s left inside the vagina.

21. Homemade substitutes for condoms don’t work:

Fact. There are no effective substitutes for condoms. The homemade substitutes can get stuck in the vagina/anus or be easily torn during sex. Better stick to store-bought condoms or use another birth control method.

22. Sex can affect athletic performance:

Myth. Studies have shown that having sex the day before a sports competition doesn’t affect sexual performance (5). So, your performance in the field won’t be dampened because you performed in bed the night before.

23. Doubling up is safer than using a single condom:

Myth. Using two condoms, aka doubling up, can increase the risk of breakage since both condoms will create friction with each other. You are better off using a single condom.

Doubling up is not safer than using a single condom

24. She can get pregnant if you have sex in the pool:

Fact. Underwater sex won’t stop sperm from entering the uterus. So, having sex in the pool can lead to pregnancy.

25. Peeing right after sex flushes the sperm out:

Myth. Peeing after sex won’t do anything to flush out the sperm from the vagina. Your best bet of avoiding a pregnancy is to use birth control like condoms or the pill.

26. Doing drugs can improve your sex life:

Myth. Most recreational drugs only change your persecution of reality (and sex) without improving your performance. In addition, some prescription drugs (like anti-depressants) also reduce sex drive, sexual stamina and erection strength (6).

27. Drinking alcohol makes sex more fun:

Myth. Alcohol can make it more difficult for men and women to enjoy an orgasm (7). This is because alcohol (and drugs) inhibits dopamine and endorphin levels, resulting in poor sex.

28. Some sex positions reduce the risk of pregnancy:

Myth. The risk of pregnancy has nothing to do with the sex position you were in when you ejaculated. So long as the semen entered the vagina, there is a risk of fertilization. Just use a condom instead.

29. The pull-out method is 100% effective at preventing pregnancy:

Myth. Pulling out before ejaculation can significantly reduce your chance of pregnancy but it isn’t 100% (8). If your partner has missed per period, you may want to talk to a doctor for a pregnancy test.

30. You can’t get rid of any STDs permanently:

Myth. Before anything else, if you or your partner think you may have an STD, get yourselves checked out first. There are some STDs (like HIV and Herpes) that aren’t curable but can be treated with meds. That said, most STDs are curable with little long-term effects.

Getting rid of STDs permanently

31. Having a small penis can make having sex difficult:

Myth. Sex is possible for men with small penis sizes, even for those who have a micropenis. You can make up for the lack of penetrative intensity with other aspects of sex, like foreplay and using sex toys.

32. Women don’t masturbate:

Myth. Women think about sex almost as much as men. So, it stands to reason that women also masturbate. However, most are not as willing to publically admit to masturbating, unlike men.

33. There are no long-term forms of birth control that don’t require regular pills:

Myth. IUDs (Intrauterine device) are little T-shaped pieces of plastic that are inserted into the uterus. They can be effective for 3-10 years (depending on the IUD used) and your Gynecologist can insert it for your partner (9).

34. Too much sex can cause harm:

Myth. You and your partner should discuss how much sex you are both comfortable with. The definition of ‘too much sex’ also varies from person to person. That said, if sex is starting to cause discomfort or pain, you should consider slowing down and maybe check-in with your doctor.

35. The woman’s hymen will break/tear when she loses her virginity:

Myth. While some women experience their hymen tearing during their first sexual experience, many don’t. The hymen can be torn while riding a bike or using a tampon as well. She can also have sex without it tearing too.

36. Reusing condoms is safe if it’s washed properly:

Myth. A condom should only be used once and disposed of after use. The lubricant on the condom helps keep it from tearing during sex and washing it can increase the chances of tearing it and STDs.

37. Lesbians are all masculine:

Myth. The sexual orientation of the man or woman has nothing to do with their gender. This also applies to the myth that all gay men are feminine.

Myth: Lesbians are all masculine

38. She can’t get pregnant if she’s on birth control, even if you don’t use a condom:

Myth. Birth control pills reduce the risk of pregnancy by 91% but it doesn’t completely eliminate it. So, wearing a condom can further reduce the risk of an unexpected pregnancy.

39. You can use baby oil or Vaseline as condom lubricants:

Myth. Oil-based lubricants can break down the latex and may cause STDs to pass through. You are better off using water-based lubricants that are latex-safe.

40. Sex while standing up won’t get her pregnant:

Myth. Unprotected sex, regardless of position can result in pregnancy. Even if you ejaculate during sex when she is upright, there’s a chance of her getting pregnant if birth control isn’t used.

41. You can’t get STDs from having oral sex:

Myth. STDs are transmitted through sexual fluids. These include pre-cum, semen, and female arousal fluid. So, you can still get STDs from oral sex.

42. Semen can die within hours of ejaculation:

Myth. When in a warm environment like inside a woman’s vagina, semen can survive for several days which can lead to pregnancy. However, semen can die in the open when it dries out.

43. A condom isn’t necessary if other forms of birth control are used:

Myth. A condom can protect you from STDs which most other forms of birth control don’t do. Additionally, using a condom along with another form of birth control will further reduce your chance of pregnancy.

44. Real men are always ready for sex:

Myth. Guys don’t always have sex on their minds and they aren’t always revved up to have sex. One study showed that, on average, men think about sex 19 times a day while women think of sex 10 times a day (10).

45. Size matters for women:

Fact. One study found 20% of the female participants thought that the penis size mattered from a sexual perspective (11). The preferred penis length is said to be 6.3 inches (12).

Size Matters

This list of 45 sex myths was a long one. However, many of these are ‘myths’ for the very reason that a lot of people believe them to be true.

So, I hope that this article has helped you sort out the myths from the facts about sex.

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