Alpha Pro Plus: Male Enhancement Pills That Will Raise Nothing But Your Credit Card Bills

Alpha Pro Plus is a new male enhancement supplement on the block that’s being promoted online.

However, I had some serious reservations about this sexual health booster when I first saw the advert.

Alpha Pro Plus

So, I decided to do a little bit of snooping around to find out if my hunch about Alpha Pro Plus being a scam turns out to be true.

In this article, I’ll let you know if it’s a scam after noting all the crucial details about the product.

Why Do People Look At Buying Sex Pills?

Well, the most obvious reason to buy and use sex pills is to improve your sexual performance. This is why Viagra became an overnight sensation when it came out.

However, the reason men go for supplements over prescription drugs is that they don’t want to go to the doctor.

Most men are too shy or ashamed about their sexual health problems to consult a doctor.

So, online sexual performance boosters like can be a convenient option for them.

Similarly, online purchase with discreet delivery is another reason why men prefer such products.

The supplements can be purchased without a doctor’s prescription directly from the internet and delivered to your doorstep without your neighbor know what you purchased.

Finally, many supplements purchased online are more affordable and come with exclusive deals and free trials.

These deals can be worth the purchase or can end up being money-pits like the recurring-charges scams.

What Is Alpha Pro Plus?

Alpha Pro Plus is a male enhancement supplement that claims to boost the three S’s of sex – Size, Stamina & Satisfaction.

However, I know that any pill that promises to increase your penis size within a few hours permanently is entirely bogus.

Even with the best sexual performance supplement, increasing penis size takes months of regular use. And even that isn’t guaranteed.

That said, this particular sex pill claims to use all-natural ingredients to promote its sexual performance benefits.

Additionally, it also promises to combat your erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation problem.

Unfortunately, I came up empty-handed when I looked through the official website and found no evidence that supports these claims.

How Does Alpha Pro Plus Work?

  • Promotes testosterone production. The natural ingredients are selected because of their ability to stimulate the pituitary gland to produce more testosterone. This increase in testosterone helps improve sex drive, sexual performance, energy levels, and sexual stamina.
  • Promotes nitric oxide production. The ingredients also help improve nitrogen retention by heightening nitric oxide levels. The boost in nitric oxide levels activates vasodilation, improving blood flow to the muscles and dilating blood vessels. Increased nitrogen retention also helps engorge the penis with blood, improving erection quality and sexual performance.
Most sexual health products like Alpha Pro Plus Male Enhancement work on this same principle. However, it should be noted that sufficient amounts of the herbal ingredients need to be used to expect these results.

Alpha Pro Plus Ingredients?

  • Long Jack (Tongkat Ali) is an herb that’s well-known for its libido-boosting benefits. It can also support testosterone production and sexual pleasure.
  • Horny Goat Weed is an aphrodisiac ingredient that boosts nitric oxide levels and supports sexual health.
  • Boron Amino Acid Chelate is proven to improve energy levels, sexual stamina, testosterone production, and staying power.
  • Sarsaparilla Root Extract contains beneficial antioxidants while aiding in testosterone production and sexual health.
  • Saw Palmetto Berry is known to combat sexual dysfunction and can aid in improving prostate health.

While the set of all-natural ingredients look good, I didn’t find them to blow me away. Why? Because the official site failed to mention the exact content of the supplement. We would have no idea if they used 1 mg of Horny Goat Weed or 1000 mg.

So, without any accurate information on the ingredients used, all we have to go on is their word. Therefore, If I were you, I wouldn’t put much stock in their list of all-natural ingredients.

Alpha Pro Plus Benefits:

  • Improved sex drive
  • Intense orgasms
  • Enhanced staying power
  • Improved sexual energy levels
  • A longer and thicker penis
  • Improved stamina
  • Enhanced sexual performance
  • Harder erections
  • Combats sexual health issues

Alpha Pro Plus Claims To Improve Sexual Performance

I’ve seen several dozens of male enhancement products that claim to provide this same set of benefits. So, if you’re looking for something special to spice up your sex life, Alpha Pro Plus clearly isn’t it.

Who Is The Manufacturers?

Alpha Pro+ Libido claims to be the owner of this sexual health booster.

This company makes this supplement in the US but is currently selling it in Australia and New Zealand.

Alpha Pro Plus Male Enhancement Contact Details:

  • Address: Alpha Pro+ Libido Customer Care, 6200 NW 7th #269036, Miami, FL 33126-9036
  • Phone AU: +611300220197
  • Phone NZ: +64800005917
  • Email:

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get any more information on the makers of this supplement.

In fact, I didn’t even find any company information that indicates that this wasn’t a fake company selling a fly-by-night product.

Such details are concerning, especially since people give their personal information and credit card details to these shady guys.

What’s The Recommended Dosage For Alpha Pro+ Male Enhancement?

The official site fails to tell us the recommended dosage.

The bottle or box may mention the dosage, but I haven’t found any images online that have the dosage information on them.

However, most other supplements come with a 30-day supply per bottle.

And since each bottle of Alpha Pro Plus contains 60 pills, the dosage should be 2 pills daily.

Most people take these pills in the morning as they are also known to stimulate energy levels.

Fortunately, there are no steroid-like cycles for this supplement. So, you can start and stop taking the pills at any time without any problems.

What Do Real User Reviews Say About Alpha Pro Plus?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Reddit didn’t have a single real user review or testimonial on this supplement.

Apparently, very few people have even heard of Alpha Pro Plus.

I even checked on Amazon and eBay but didn’t find a single seller for this supplement. So, we don’t even know if this supplement works or is a complete dud.

There are a few user reviews on the official website, but I’m quite sure that those are fake.

Why? Because I’ve seen the same ones recommending another scam product a few months back.

Alpha Pro Plus Side Effects:

I didn’t find anyone claiming they experienced any side effects. This is because I didn’t find a single review for this supplement.

So, while the supplement maker claims that this pill has no side effects, I’m not so sure.

They have emphasized their satisfaction guarantee and risk-free trial, but I know people who have gotten burnt because of such promises by supplement makers.

Therefore, I would proceed with caution with this supplement.

The best thing you can do is to show the doctor the supplement bottle to get a second opinion about the product.

What’s The Price For Buying Alpha Pro Plus?

I only found Alpha Pro Plus to be available for purchase on the manufacturer’s site.

On this site, this supplement is available on a ‘risk-free trial’ offer. This offer claims only to cost a few bucks and gives you a chance to try the product out, risk-free.

However, the real truth of the matter is entirely different than what you can imagine.

Here’s a breakdown of the hidden costs associated with Alpha Pro Plus:

  • $5.95 for the shipping cost that asks you to put in your credit card details.
  • $139.90 is charged after the 18 day trial period ends for the bottle that was already sent.
  • $145.85 is charged every 30 days henceforth (recurring charge) as part of the auto-shipping program.

In fact, these hidden charges are presented to you when you signup.

However, they are so hard to read (or even notice) that most people overlook them:

Alpha Pro Plus Hides The Charges And Fees In Plain Sight

So, if you got this product and didn’t cancel it for five months, you end up with a $729.25 credit card bill.

Did you fall for the online scam by Alpha Pro Plus?

What Do I Think About Alpha Pro Plus?

I think Alpha Pro Plus is full of shit and you shouldn’t even think of buying it.

I couldn’t find an awful lot about this product, its makers, and its ingredients to put any trust into it.

So, there’s no way in hell that I’m recommending this SCAM to any of my readers.

Alpha Pro Plus Is Not Approved

If you think that you need sexual performance pills, there are better options out there. Of the ones I can think of at the top of my head, I would recommend you look at Cilexin.

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  1. All these products and alleged companies are scams. The only ED product that will help you is your doctor vigara , or similar. Having your bloods tested for hormone levels and a change to a more healthy lifestyle. I am sorry guys, but it’s that simple. I know this from experince. I made a visit to my doctor. After having blood tests the result showed very low testosterone
    levels. With a change to a more healthy life style, assistance with medication. I was able to turn my ED around. Hormones and ED are quite complex. You can’t fix it until it has medically been investergated. Besides testosterone there are other hormones that come into play along with testosterone. Men’s health is complex guys. More than happy to give out free info to anyone looking for an answer. First you must be prepared to visit your GP.

    Have an awesome day .

    Mark Withnell
    AgrilinX International
    Queensland Australia

  2. They scam me in one day got $726 I emailed them a few times telling them my bank has just call regarding frued and want it cancelled right now I agreed to 5.95 to be charged only and they cancelled and returned funds

  3. I was nearly scammed. I signed up for free trial but before I received the pills I found time to read the terms and conditions.
    Note your trial starts as soon as you request and it’s not 30 days. In Aus it’s 18 which includes the 8 days delivery. I tried to cancel straight away. This is the story.
    They told me to cancel I had to phone only. I phoned and they said I cannot cancel until the end of the trial time and they made all excuses. BTW their clause 4 states you have to cancel before the trial end.
    I told them if they did not cancel my renewal straight away I would report them to fair trading. I then received an email within seconds stating that my renewal had been cancelled.
    I saw through them I hope others do.

  4. John Burns
    Same thing got hit $134:90 & $139 on same day, I contacted them within 2 hrs to cancel they said it was already sent!! & that I would have to receive & return. Funny, can’t find a return address!,
    Bank said withdrawal was in Cypruss.
    Surely not a scam ?? 🤪🤪🤪
    Got hit again today ,had to cancel card.

  5. I was conned by a similar scam a few years back, when I emailed, stating I would cancel my credit card to prevent them taking more payments, I was informed I would be in breech of a binding contract,and subject to fraud charges. I still had my bank chase them down.

  6. They are thieves took $139.90 and $134.90 out of my account SCAM

  7. waste a time and $$$. Didn’t read anything regarding that i had to cancel. As they promoted FREE TRIAL. Didn’t know that i was being charged $139:90 and another $134:90 on the same day until my credit card company text me. Assholes

  8. Unfortunately my debit card had funds. And I got caught
    Do not think about purchase until it’s proven. which from what I have read. Has not been
    Michael 18 june2019

    1. Sorry to hear that. have you tried contacting them to stop the rebills?

      1. cannot find an email address to cancel my order. If you know this address could you send it to me.

  9. I have had the same experience. They claim they get approval for payment in the fine print but they are promoting it as a free trial.

    Luckily the card I gave them was a debit card with no value on it.

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