Forskolin Pure: Weight Loss Pill With Added Benefits

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We all wish that weight loss were as easy as weight gain, right? However, there are people out there that will tell you that their weight loss pill will get you slim overnight. Well, Forskolin Pure is not such a weight loss pill. And I won’t tell you that it will give you instant weight loss either.

Why? Cause it won’t. And anyone who claims to have a pill that does is lying or scamming you.

Forskolin Pure

The reason for this is that weight loss pills (the ones that work) require you to follow a healthy diet. And along with this healthy diet, you are also asked to work out and exercise.

So, if you aren’t up for the diet change and regular exercise, you should just stop right here.

However, if you’re willing to put in the work to lose weight, Forskolin Pure may just be what you need.

I suggest you read the whole article but if you’re short of time, skip to the conclusion.

What Is Forskolin?

Before we jump into this weight loss supplement, let’s get some of the basics down about its active ingredient, Forskolin.

Forskolin comes from a plant found in the Southeast Asian countries like Nepal, India, and Bangladesh.

This plant is called by a few names including Coleus Forskohlii, Forskohlii, Indian coleus, and Plectranthus barbatus. It is a part of the mint family and has been used for millennia as an Ayurveda medicinal plant (1).

In traditional teachings, tea made from boiling water and the roots of the plant has many health benefits. These benefits translate into combating several health issues like asthma, constipation, bronchitis, and heart issues.

These days, western medicine has found other benefits including weight loss for this plant extract. Also, many asthma medications contain Forskolin as a critical ingredient.

Forskolin Pure Ingredients

Why Is Forskolin So Well-Known?

The benefits of Forskolin have been recorded in Ayurveda texts for over a millennium. However, western medicine has only been exposed to this herb recently.

However, it was the Dr. Oz show that truly propelled this humble ingredient into the spotlight.

In 2014, Dr. Oz talked about Forskolin as the next weight loss revolution. He went on to mention that it’s like ‘lightning in a bottle’ and as a ‘miracle flower to fight fat.’

Dr. Oz even mentioned a research study on Forskolin and its practical use in weight loss.

So, in the end, Forskolin was an overnight hit with Americans who wanted to lose weight quickly.

And after hundreds of Forskolin products in the market, we now have Forskolin Pure by Vita Balance.

What Is Forskolin Pure?

This is a health supplement that provides weight loss along with other health benefits. It is ideal for someone who wants to improve their health while promoting effective and safe weight loss.

This supplement is ideal for vegetarians and vegans as it comes with 60 veggie capsules that make a 30-day supply. And the daily intake of this supplement will give you a 500mg dose of pure Forskolin extract (Standardized 20%).

The supplement is also made by a highly reputed supplement manufacturer, Vita Balance. It’s made in an FDA registered facility and follows GMP standards.

Forskolin Pure Reviews

The pills contain natural ingredients without any artificial binders or fillers.

This health supplement focuses on promoting weight loss, improving metabolism, and supporting weight management. Additionally, it can also promote other health benefits including improved heart health, mental fitness, and enhanced fitness.

How Does It Work?

This is not like your typical Garcinia pill that only suppresses your hunger and improves metabolism.

With this pill, your body and mind experience a more optimized environment. It improves brain chemistry to improve mood, and it makes weight loss easier.

All this is thanks to the natural Forskolin extract’s ability to boost cAMP, lipase, and adenosine levels (2).

cAMP stands for Cyclic Adenosine MonoPhosphate and is a second messenger that helps intercellular signal transmission. As for lipase and adenosine, they are enzymes that are effective at promoting fatty acid breakdown.

Together, they help separate fatty acids from your body’s cells (3). This way, your body can easily metabolize the fatty acids to produce energy and promote weight loss. Here, the advantage is that you don’t lose muscle mass while losing fat.

This product also helps promote metabolism by increasing your basal metabolic rate. Forskolin is also clinically proven to boost lipolysis in humans (4).

This supplement also helps improve hormone production for testosterone. It allows you to burn fat while preserving your lean muscle for a better physique.

What Are The Claimed Benefits?

Forskolin Pure Benefits

The list of benefits for Forskolin Pure:

  • Improved Fat Loss And Weight Management: The most popular benefit from using this supplement is the improved fat loss. This is possible because of the cAMP and enzymes promoting fat breakdown. Forskolin has also been clinically proven to help prevent fat gain and better manage weight (6).
  • Enhanced Immunity: This supplement provides you with the natural health-boosting attributes of Forskolin. This includes improved lymphocytes and macrophages levels for a healthier immune system.
  • Better Muscles And Blood Flow: Higher cAMP levels help relax your arteries and muscles. This improves your body’s blood flow to the muscles. It also helps smooth your muscles, improving their health and function.
  • Improved Heart Health: Expect your cardiovascular health to improve because of the relaxed muscles and arteries. This can improve heart health while lowering blood pressure.
  • Increased Testosterone Production: Research studies have proven that Forskolin increases the levels of serum free testosterone and bone mass (7). This allows for the preservation of muscle mass during weight loss while boosting workout performance.
  • Helps Against Asthma: For centuries, this ingredient is prescribed against asthma and bronchitis. As the cAMP helps relax your arteries, it also relaxes the airways. This improves your breathing and lung health.
  • Helps Fight Against Cancer: This ingredient inhibits platelet aggregation and tumor colonization. This means that it is capable of preventing tumor metastases.
  • Improved Mood: Forskolin stabilizes the neurotransmitter balance in the brain. It helps reorganize the levels of serotonin and dopamine. This allows your mood to improve and be able to combat depression and anxiety.

How Much Does Forskolin Pure Cost?

If you are wondering about the cost to buy this weight loss supplement, you should first check the official site.

I tried to find other sites that sell this product, but none provided a lower price than the manufacturer’s site.

Buy 1 Bottle
30 Days: 60 Capsules
Price Per Bottle: $29.95
You Save: -
Buy 2 Bottles
60 Days: 120 Capsules
Price Per Bottle: $27.48
You Save: $4.94
Buy 4 Bottles Get 1 Free
150 Days: 300 Capsules
Price Per Bottle: $21.98
You Save: $39.85
Note: Each order only requires a single one-time transaction with no reoccurring charges. Also, the pricing mentioned above doesn’t include shipping charges.
Buy Forskolin Pure

What Is The Conclusion?

There are some positives about this product that I liked along with a few negatives I didn’t.

Pros For Forskolin Pure:

  • Forskolin Pure provides effective weight loss
  • Natural ingredients with no reported side effects
  • Highly reputed manufacturer
  • Clinically proven ingredient
  • Not an online scam
  • Affordable pricing and worldwide delivery

Cons For Forskolin Pure:

  • Limited to online sales
  • Requires exercise and diet to maximize weight loss

As you can see, my list of pros and cons support the use of this product.

So, it is obvious that I am going to recommend Forskolin Pure as a worthwhile investment for weight loss.

However, if you still want more information, check out the official site’s real user reviews and more.

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