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This Semenax review is about a semen volume enhancer that increases sperm count in men.

In fact, this is how many male pornstars can cum like fire hydrants.


Every man wants to enjoy the intense and satisfying feeling of a spine-tingling orgasm.

But most people never get to experience the intense orgasms that pornstars do. Why? Because they don’t produce enough cum to experience such intense orgasms.

In fact, for most men, can barely ejaculate 1.25-5.00ml (1/4-1 teaspoon) of semen with every orgasm.

This is a longshot to the large amounts that women now expect every man to produce (thanks to porn).

Unfortunately, this misunderstanding has caused many women to think their partners are less manly and masculine.

However, while most men don’t cum buckets, a large volume of semen produced is a clinically-established sign of good genes.

In the end, men are stuck with the realization that they need to improve their semen volume. After all, this has been found to directly affect their orgasm intensity and relationships (1).

It is also why semen volume enhancers like Semenax pills are sold in the tens of thousands regularly.

What Is Semenax?

Semenax is a male sexual health pill that increases semen volume and promotes orgasm intensity.

Additionally, the natural ingredients also support improved control over the ejaculation mechanism.

The ingredients used include amino acids and herbs that have helped improve sexual performance in men for centuries.

Also, the ingredients are clearly stated on the bottle label and are clinically proven to work. Best of all, you can expect the benefits of this volume booster without any side effects.

Also, I found this product to provide affordable multi-bottle deals via their official site.


Leading Edge Health is a company based in the USA. It provides health and fitness supplements to men and women around the world.

This a well-reputed manufacturer with an A+ BBB rating and over 15 years in the supplement industry.

The contact details of the makers:

How Do Semenax Pills Work?

If you want to get more intense orgasms, you need to increase your semen volume.

works by stimulating the prostate gland and the seminal vesicles to increase semen volume. Along with the increase in volume, the thickness is also improved to give you the right consistency.

The increase in cum volume also increases the frequency of contractions experienced during orgasm (2). This is where the spine-tingling feeling of orgasm comes from.

Heightened semen volume and improved orgasm control can turn you into a dominating lion in the bedroom.

After all, how many pornstars have you seen that have a weak finishing move?

Semenax Pills Work

Semenax Ingredients:

  • Vitamin E 60IU: This vitamin is an antioxidant that combats free radical damage and improves blood flow for harder erections (3).
  • Zinc Aspartate 30mg: This trace mineral supports male fertility, reproductive health, and the immune system (4).
  • Butea Superba (root) 500mg: This aphrodisiac improves testosterone levels and prompts male fertility (5).
  • L-Carnitine 500mg: This ingredient improves sperm quality and semen volume while supporting better recovery (6).
  • Maca (root) 400mg: This herb elevates sperm quality and sperm count while improving hormone levels (7).
  • Pine Bark Extract 300mg: This is packed with antioxidants that combat ED while improving semen quantity (8).
  • L-Arginine HCl 250mg: This amino acid improves nitric oxide levels, blood flow, and erection quality (9).
  • L-Lysine 250mg: This essential amino acid increases T-levels, male virility, and sperm production while reducing stress (10).
  • Catuaba (bark) 200mg: This natural aphrodisiac boosts sex drive, stamina, and overall mood (11).
  • Epimedium Sagittatum (leaf) 150mg: This herbal aphrodisiac improves blood flow to the penis while combating erectile dysfunction (12).
  • Muira Puama (bark) 100mg: This ingredient is an aphrodisiac that can increase libido and erection health (13).
  • Hawthorn (berry) 50mg: This berry contains antioxidants and bioflavonoids that improve blood flow and erection health (14).
  • Cranberry Extract (seed) 50mg: This contains vitamins that improve blood flow to the penis for harder and longer-lasting erections (15).
  • Tribulus Terrestris (vine) 50mg: This natural ingredient improves blood flow, libido, sperm count, and male fertility (16).
  • Avena Sativa extract (seed) 50mg: This ingredient is an aphrodisiac that elevates energy levels while combating PE and impotence (17).
  • Sarsaparilla (root) 50mg: This herb improves penis sensitivity, sexual pleasure, and energy levels (18).
  • Swedish Flower (pollen) 50mg: This flower improves sperm volume and supports semen health while supporting prostate health (19).
  • Pumpkin (seed) 30mg: This ingredient contains nutrients that boost prostate health,  semen volume, and orgasm intensity (20).

Semenax Ingredients

Semenax Benefits:

  • Semenax Improves seminal plasma, seminal vesicle fluids, and prostate gland fluid to boost semen volume
  • Increases bulbourethral gland fluid to make your cum thicker and jelly-like
  • Enhances orgasm intensity for more pleasurable finishes
  • Improves ejaculation control for long-lasting sex
  • Improves sexual satisfaction due to the intense orgasms


Each bottle of Semenax comes with 120 capsules which are meant to last for 30 days.
This makes the daily dosage to be four pills.

The official site hasn’t specified the dosage timings. Some online experts suggest you take two pills with your morning meal and another two with our afternoon meal.

However, I think that taking all four pills in the morning may provide better results. This is because the body can quickly absorb the ingredients and provide additional energy throughout the day.

When Can You Expect Results?

The official site claims to show some results within a few days with more noticeable results in a few months.

In my opinion, the results will vary from person to person. Your initial sexual health, semen health, and T-levels will affect how well the pills work for you.

That said, I think that you are better off if you use the pill for at least three months.

This should give you a clear understanding of the potential benefits you can personally experience from using the supplement.

Semenax Reviews:

Someone told me that you could buy from Amazon or eBay. However, I didn’t find this to be true.

This also prevented me from finding user reviews on these sites.

There were a few sites online that did have real user reviews for Semenax:

Semenax Review Semenax Testimonial

Semenax Real user Reviews

Semenax Side Effects:

The official site claims that there are no known side effects of using this pill.

When compared to the user reviews, this looks to be true. In fact, there isn’t a single report about someone experiencing side effects with this supplement.

However, you should be careful and read the ingredient list before you buy the pills. This is especially if you are allergic to one of the ingredients used.

Additionally, men who have major health problems or are on prescription meds should consult their doctor first.

Where To Buy Semenax?

As I stated earlier, I tried to find Semenax on several e-commerce sites but came back empty-handed.

In the end, the only place that sells this semen enhancer pill is the official website.

I asked the customer service center for the makers about the issue with availability. They told me that the exclusive deals from their site are to prevent counterfeit products from being sold online.

I was also told that the official site also comes with several deals that make the supplement very affordable.

Semenax Price:

  • $399.95 for the one-year supply of 12 bottles ($33.32 per bottle)
  • $289.95 for the six-month supply of 6 bottles ($48.32 per bottle)
  • $154.95 for the three-month supply of 3 bottles ($51.65 per bottle)
  • $59.95 for the one-month supply of 1 bottle ($59.95 per bottle)
1 Bottle
USD 59.95
One Month Supply
100% Money Back Guarantee
100% Secured
3 Bottles
USD 154.95
3 Months Supply
USD 51.65 Per Bottle
100% Money Back Guarantee
100% Secured
6 Bottles
USD 289.95
6 Months Supply
USD 48.32 Per Bottle
100% Money Back Guarantee
100% Secured
12 Bottles
USD 399.95
12 Months Supply
USD 33.32 Per Bottle
100% Money Back Guarantee
100% Secured
** Best Deal **

*** Use Coupon Code 124491 ***

The 6 and 12 months deal also gives you a free bottle of GenF20 plus, SemEnhance and VigRX.

These deals are currently available on the official website for Semenax Volume Enhancer Pills.

In addition, the prices provided are in USD and can be changed to several others, depending on your preferred currency.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

There is a 60-day money back guarantee for those who aren’t 100% satisfied with their experience with this pill.

In short, if you are unsatisfied with the results you’re getting, you can return the bottle and claim your refund.

This guarantee is an added layer of security for first-time users who are unsure about buying or using this product.


  • Provides clinically proven benefits
  • Improves semen volume and orgasm intensity
  • Promotes orgasm control
  • Uses clinically tested and proven ingredients
  • Causes no side effects
  • Made by top-tier manufacturers
  • Not an online scam
  • Sold online with multi-buy deals
  • Provides free and discreet shipping


  • The single-bottle deal is expensive (12-bottle deal only costs $33.32ea.)
  • Takes a while to show results

Semenax Review Conclusion:

If you want to cum like a pornstar, this is one of the few quality options you have. The fact that there is no need for surgery or steroids to get the results is encouraging.

The lack of side effects and the tons of positive reviews seals the deal for this semen volume enhancer.

So, if you want to get intense and long-lasting orgasms that end with loads of cum, get Semenax Pills.


Q: Are the results permanent?

A: Expect the benefits to continue as long as you keep using the pills.

Q: Does Semenax increase penis size?

A: You may notice harder erections, but this pill may not increase penis size.

Q: Is Semenax legal to be purchased from the UK?

A: This product is 100% legal. You can buy Semenax and have it delivered to your address without any problems.

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